Chosen Impressions of 1.2

So after a huge patch download. I log into Iron Rock. What the hell we’re not at Altdorfs door.

First thing that needs to be done is realot my points in my careers, and get the Hastend Dismissal tactic (the tactic that gives your repel super power.)

I picked the spec I’ve been at for awhile now, 8/3/14 Picking up these abilities, Crippling Strikes, Embrace the Winds, Quake, and Discordant Turbulence.

Don’t forget to redo Renown too, I did at first. I focused on Toughness/Initiative/Weapons Skill first tier, then Wounds/Weapon Skill Initiative second tier. I heard of Wounds diminishing returns, and I think there might be, but I can’t live without alot of HP.

Next thing I noticed was all my ingredients for Apothocary were corrupted, and now made dyes. Chaos Black Dye I now have 10 of em. Funny thing is I sold one for 350 gold a while back. Now their going for 20 for 80g. Oh dear.
I hope you sold any if you had em before this patch.

One I got rid of all my tainted stuff, I learned you could make a nifty potion that revives a person. I think that’s whats it’s called. Anyway you can get everything from the Quartermaster in Viper Pit. It also looks like you can craft potions to help you level up your other crafts. I am VERY pleased with the Apothecary changes, and it looks like most Apoth stuff will come from Butchery…hey I’m a butcher already…Excellent.

I ran a few scenarios, and the Wounds debuff with blastwave…one word…nice. I would say it cost the other player 1/10 or more of there health when they get caught in my wave. For squishies this is huge.

Good news for a DPS chosen, we’re doing spirit damage now. Know anybody who stacks spirit resist…I sure don’t. Go get em boys.

Ok..Ok….I went and got a Daemon Red Mount. I know I love fluff. Hell I might pick up the others too just to have a different color every other day. You get new mounts from the Quartermaster in the Viper Pit as well, and your guild needs to be a certain level I do believe.

Did the Twisting Tower scenario. I liked it. You come out of spawn area, and fly to the tower. It was wild especially the first time. I really like this scenario, but I also liked Reikland Factory, so this one will be gone as soon as it came. One of my guildies said this scenario reminded him of Unreal Tournament. I tend to agree, all the flying and all.

I went out to Praag, and did some ORvR, and order was actually kicking our arses, but I hope they don’t get use to it. As soon as the fervor dyes down….we’ll be knocking on the Doors of Altdorf.

So those are my first impressions, I’ll have more when it comes in. Something I heard though is there may be issues with Taunts. I’ll see if I can find more info.


9 Responses to “Chosen Impressions of 1.2”

  1. Twisted Tower won’t be gone at the end of the event. It’s sticking around as a T4 exclusive!

  2. Good news for a DPS chosen, we’re doing spirit damage now. Know anybody who stacks spirit resist…I sure don’t. Go get em boys.

    Well.. I do. 😉

  3. Was bit buggy. First impression from a squishy was that I was much squishier at least at first. A few scenarios in I found I could kill a WH which is a new one for me and then I took out a SW solo which is also a first. I think a little tweaking, there was a stability patch, and things will be rosy. Fricking Litre still does 2X the damage I do and I think we have the same spec. WTF!

  4. Wasn’t Order at your door last night? Eh IDK.

    Iron Rock is a great server. I was actually in a queue to get in on O`rder side!

  5. theerivs Says:

    Was Order at the IC door, I don’t know. They did have a firm grasp of Praag when I logged out for the night, and they were amassed, so it’s possible.

    I hope they were at out door.

  6. Sorry Mr Chosen guy but Magus/Sorcs do a lot of spirit damage so order have been stacking it hard since day 1.

    Your Magus friends should be debuffing it by 200+ though.

  7. theerivs Says:

    Our aura debuffs it as well, does it stack though I wonder?

  8. All of my chosen friends (ok… both of them) have been positively giddy about the changes. Do you know how silly a chosen looks when it’s giddy? Very.

    I’m really glad you guys got a look, and that Mythic wasn’t braindead when they re-worked you.

  9. Rivs, if you have the gold to blow on a respec, be sure to check out a GW spec with Rending Blade and the GW +crit tactic. I’m actually putting out some decent damage numbers! (I’m scared, Rivs – it’s a strange new world out there!)

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