My friend, Ticksucker.

New Patch out today, I’ll talk about that tomorrow. There’s something more important I need to say. A guildie of mine is going into surgery, I’ll call the guildie TS, short for Ticksucker. 

Why Ticksucker, well it’s a little dirty but funny story. We’re waiting around for a final tick in a keep defense. So she said, “We waiting to suck up this tick”  I respond cause I’m filthy minded, ” Yeah I love sucking big ticks.”  Well it went on a little bit but you get the idea.

TS has chewed some of the same dirt in games for me for longer then I known some friends. We come from a group of people that share the same motto, “Guild, Realm, Self”. TS not only personifies that motto, she breathes life into it.  Over the years we played alot of games, gone through some good time, and bad times. Bottom line no matter how bad i feel, TS comes on Vent, and I crack a smile. That in itself is worth the 15 bucks a month.

Unlike Virtual life though Real life is real, and TS is going into surgery Thursday, though I’m sure she’ll be fine it is a serious operation. I want her to know that my prayers and well wishes are with her, and her family. She and her hubby are good players, good guildies, and genuine good people. I hope for a quick recovery. We got a lot of ticks to suck., for your sake I hope their some huge ticks. 😉


3 Responses to “My friend, Ticksucker.”

  1. Sorry to hear that about your friend :-/ I’ll keep her in my thoughts and prayers. I hope everything goes well.

  2. Who is this Ticksucker?

  3. Yeah been keeping TS top of mind myself today. And you hit it right on the head Rivver, TS comes into vent and yeah they make everyone smile every time no matter what is going on.

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