Bright Wizard Love.

After a huge patch always seems one class gets more love then others. This patch was Bright Wizards, or Sorcs.  It’s so bad that melee classes haven’t stopped bitching, yet. My patience about it is wearing thin.  We need to adapt, and change our strategy, and/or tactics, or do something else. The bitching has gotten out of hand, and I’m a little tired of it.

Good news the Lock ups are happening less, and the outrageous graphical issues have simmered down.  Me and my group went through Vale. We went through the left wing, very easily.  Alot of repairable gear is dropping, some of it jewelry that was pretty good. I got me a Darkpromise Belt.

Tonight we head back to kill the tree boss.  

I hope Mythic looks at things today and fixes some stuff.  Lot of disgruntled people roaming around WAR…except the Bright Wizards, think they love this game.


7 Responses to “Bright Wizard Love.”

  1. morteth Says:

    Lemme know how it goes on the Tree Boss bro. Seems like that guy is either bugged or at the very least, the AOE was increased dramatically. Makes it real hard for the MT to vacate once the damage goes reflective and the adds spawn. Interested to see how it goes.

  2. I have the same problem with Sorcs now. They burn me down crazy fast, but I don’t mind. I think it makes for more defendable forts and keeps. although, one Sorc stoped our 2 group keep raid to a stand still… Thats power my friend.

  3. Its nice to see a voice of reason. If you resists are nerfed try stacking some disrupt I say.

    I think Im pretty safe stating that resists were crazy OP before, a talisman or two and some unlockable accessories and you were 60%+ resist.

  4. I think the squishies will have a hard time with the Slayer and Choppa ariving.. So let those Bright Wizards and Sorc’s enjoy they power for now..

    And Glen’s advice is right.. disrupt is now a good choice instead of resists.

  5. That’s great the lockups are happening less frequently.

    I agree quit complaining about the changes and learn to work with them. Quite a few changes I don’t like with some of my WOW toons I work with them.

  6. Oh. I had a run in with a duo of BWs the other day on my Black Orc. Good God! But I died with honor… twice in a row. I think the issue with class balance in any MMO is that people forget that role playing should come before game. That’s what I tell myself when my Rune Priest gets two shotted by Witch Elves anyway. “I’m roleplaying, I’m roleplaying, I’m… Dammit! Stupid halfnaked Witch Elves!” 🙂

  7. theerivs Says:

    LOL good one Nosmo!

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