Sorry for the smashed monitor all over the floor.

It seems like that to me. I don’t mean to but I am getting a little perturbed at things. I almost threw my monitor against the wall last night.

My group did a Bile, and Blood run last night, and guess what drop. Double Choppa Bind on Pickup gear. AWESOME!  Hey the fricking class isn’t even in the game, and they won’t be 40 for a bit. Good going Mythic. Someone else mentioned with every class addition is less chance for us to get the gear we need.

So frustration aside, We headed towards Worldbearer. There was changes made to this encounter since the patch, we can’t go over old strats, so flying by the seat of our pants, we got the guy down to 25% which I thought is pretty good. We’re almost there.

So with all these changes, I’m a little frustrated. Only one thing to do. Try out Rending Blade Spec, and put my PvP gear on, and crush some Order, and make them feel my pain.  I got this little puppy yesterday.  Also got some righteous PvP gear from the Screaming Cat Tavern, like this belt.

Tonight I unleash Chaos.


*** Addition : MrMatthew the awesome Comic guy from the Greenskin is leaving our little community. Here at Way of the Chosen, we would like to say goodbye, good luck, and may the blessings of the Raven God be upon you.


One Response to “Sorry for the smashed monitor all over the floor.”

  1. Your friends are with you Aragorn!

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