My brush with being a killer.

I applaud those Chosen that are DPS specced, and know how to do it well. I don’t. I don’t think I have the killer instinct, or maybe the alchohol has numbed my reflexes.

I tried last couple days, my mind is hard wired for tanking, and being a meat shield. Which two things make me a sad panda. The wounds, and resist nerf. Which someone said time to get up the disrupts. Which is something that I will be researching. Problem is the aspect I do the most, PvE. Disrupts don’t really do anything. I don’t think. More research needs to be done. The wounds, and resist thing though does hurt in PvE, as well as PvP.

If you are a PvP 2 hander Chosen, I would love to hear your specs, and gear choices. Let me know.


2 Responses to “My brush with being a killer.”

  1. Hi matey,

    I’m using this spec:

    That tactic set up is the one I use for general PvP. I switch to different armour and tactics for shield walls or for PvE tanking obviously. I also use a different tactic set up for PvE DPSing (I regularly run as OT in Lost Vale at the moment).

    Gear wise as mentioned I have a variety of set ups for different situations, but sticking with the general DPS great weapon thing I use:
    -Sentinel/Conquerer with mainly strength talismans, using enough of each set to get the strength bonuses.
    -oRvR influence reward great weapon, with strength talismans
    -jewlery that has both strength and wounds.

    I think I’m running at just over 700 strength and about 8k hit points before buffs. I twist a selection of Auras depending on the situation, but always have the strength one up and 2 others depending. So with auras I’m at about 850 strength.
    Rending Blade hits for between 300-875. Which is not too bad as a spammable AoE 😉 If you’ve got a DoT aura going and baneshield too it all starts to add up

    I wouldn’t use a great weapon without Rending Blade tbh though.

    Hope that was any help.

  2. Aye it did, thanks Bootae

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