Sarthain the Worldbearer

Some people I heard were having a problem with this guy since the patch 1.2. My regular group that does LV, Team Ramrod,  took him down, and thought I would share how we did it.

Group make-up.

Truthie (BO) – MT

Me – Rivs – Chosen -OT

Nied – Sorc

Influenza – WE

Testta – DOK

Lemak – Zealot

Positioning – Everyone should be behind the Worldbearer when the fight starts. Kill trash, gain morale, then when ready engage Worldbearer. A summoner spawns near the waterfall, i’ll call the left. opposite side summoner I’ll call right, and a center summoner. Sorc should stand near the where the right summoner spawns, opposite the side of the waterfall. Healers in the middle near the center on a little out cropping of land. Melee stand on that outcropping until boss is engaged.

Strat. –

BO engages boss, everybody clear trash if any. I went 2-hander, ran resist aura. Then on the boss. This is where timing is crucial. When Summoners appear. WE and Chosen break off head to Waterfall one. Sorc should be standing near the right summoner, and healers stay put. Shields come down notify the tank. WE-Chosen take down Summoner by Waterfall, the tank disengages and helps, Sorc burns right one, We converge in the middle and kill last Summoner. Before the last Summoner is dead, the Tank disengages and starts tanking the boss. Very important when the shields are down, and your killing the summoners use the land route, avoid the water. Tank may take an AOE hit or two when engaging, and or disengaging. Healers be ready. Some spawn may appear Chosen will pick that up. After you get it down, it’s just rinse and repeat.

Just like to say good job guys. We got a stuck on the Darkpromise Beast last night we got him down to 4% was our best, but we’ll get him.

I hope that helps someone. Any Questions let me know.


7 Responses to “Sarthain the Worldbearer”

  1. Thanks Rivs, nice write up

  2. Not to second guess you, but I’ve never failed to kill this mob and some of the suggestions you give don’t mesh well with my experiences.

    So I’ll go ahead and give my advice so you can try it (or not) as you please.

    Kill sprite packs down to one sprite, drag that last one over behind the tree (make a wide circle to get there) and then kill it. AOE burn wildlife on the healers while tank and melee engage the boss.

    When all three beams are up (all three mobs spawned) everyone immediately leaves the boss (who is rooted and does not need tanking) and gets away from his AOE pulse range. Three teams (we do melee dps / both tanks / ranged dps) split up to kill the mobs and should arrive just as the shields have dropped (as the third beam is about 10 seconds before the AOE pulse and shield drop) thus right in time to maul them.

    Return to the tree as soon as he throws up the green leaves (not the green gusting wind . . . that’s AOE) and finish him off. Unless you’re low-warded or poorly on DPS he should die before there’s another spawn of the channelers.

    In essence I think you worry way too much about the tanking of the boss. Your OT should be full DPS on this fight. Focused Offense and all. It’s all about the speed of the burn after all.

    Hope that’s worth soemthing to you. 🙂

  3. theerivs Says:

    Thanks Corwynn, I never said my way is THEE way, just some people in my guild were having problems and wanted to know how we did it. The funny thing about PvE someone might be several different strats, or variations of the strats.

    Those are some awesome suggestions, see if I can talk my group into doing them. I love talking Strats. Anyone got any Darkpromise Beast Tips?

  4. I’ve been fortunate enough to be running LV with a group that puts out some pretty hefty dps, so with Sarthain, we completely ignore the 3 channellers. Everyone but the MT starts behind the tree and once everyone is ready, dps charges in while MT starts tanking from the front. Me, a shaman, and our DoK stand behind him, healing from about the middle of the water. We just burn him as fast as possible. Maybe not the best strat., but it seems to work real well for us.

    After the patch, the Darkpromise Beast behaved a little differently. Instead of being able to move the DoT around by moving into proximity with someone else, the DoT seemingly moves randomly. Unfortunately, it seems to stick with the same two people who first get it. So, make a note as to who gets the DoT the first two times as they are most likely to keep getting it during the fight and make sure to toss extra heals their way. This was a problem for my group as me and the MT kept sharing it. So, if a healer seems to be getting the DoT a lot, like, over and over again to start the fight, have him hold off on healing until the first DoT gets tossed and have the other healer do as little healing as possible without jeopardizing the fight.

    Hope that helps!

  5. Sure does Thanks Arka

  6. shadowwar Says:

    I just ran the first two wings of LV yesterday. First time ever in the second wing for me, and four of the others. It was a very fresh group, most of us hadn’t done anything in there more than once (including myself).

    We shocked ourselves by burning our way through EVERY boss until this guy on the first try, only one wipe on the way when the tank forgot to tell us not to rush into the cave with the mutant guys and their nasty uppercuts, so we pulled all of them at once.

    This explanation helped me understand the fight (and everyone else, whom had never fought him), and chatting with other guys who had done it really gave a hand. We died on our first four tries, but the fifth was the charm. Thanks Riv!

  7. Easiest way my group kills the treeman is we have our MT stay on the island at all times so no mobs will spawn after the initial ‘pull’.

    Our OT which doubles as our only mDPS grabs all the animals and helps DPS those down, then he basically throws a guard on anyone with a root.

    Healers HoT the tank and anyone with a root and AoE heal and the rDPS just kills the boss.

    We don’t even bother killing the healers. They heal for 20% each time so just make sure you do enough damage to beat that 20%.

    Shouldn’t take anymore than 5 minutes once you get it down.

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