Buggy PvE

I know, I know WAR is a PvP game, or RvR. But the easiest route to better gear is PvE. The problem with PvE and WAR is PvE sucks. It’s always buggy, sometimes to the point where the bugginess just really takes away from the game.

So last night my group and I head into Lost Vale. There was so much bugginess, and lag throughout. I just couldn’t stand it anymore.

I mean this isn’t like their first game or anything, can’t Mythic do PvE just a tad bit better?


13 Responses to “Buggy PvE”

  1. In the months that I’ve been in Lost Vale I’ve gone from flawless runs to wipe after bug-induced wipe in the course of a single lockout . . .

    It is, to be honest, atrocious.

  2. PvE has been my biggest complaint for the longest as well. I just don’t get it…

  3. Yeah, and please tweak the GARBAGE DROP SYSTEM for gear. There is no reason we should be getting backpacks full of BoP gear for classes that aren’t even in our group. It’s an even bigger kick in the nuts when no-one in your group gets anything they can use. Brutal. The biggest kick in the nuts is when the boss drops TWO pieces of gear for someone not even in your group.

    It’s like a bunch of drooling, cross-eyed nut-kickers designed the system, seriously.

  4. @Snafzg – Goooozzzfaba, gooozzzzfaba….

  5. shadowwar Says:

    Man, I had the complete opposite as you last night.

    In your instances, stealing your luck.

  6. “It’s like a bunch of drooling, cross-eyed nut-kickers designed the system, seriously.”

    Blizzard? Wha?

  7. Aye it’s exactly the same loot system used in WoW et al, so a bit surprised so many people seem shocked by it.

    That said, just cos WoW has that system doesnt mean WAR should. Because it’s always been annoying as hell and with WAR less equipment focused, there’s not really any need for it.

  8. theerivs Says:

    I don’t mind randomness of loot, what I do mind is getting the same two set pieces on a boss drop of a class not fully implemented into the game yet aka Choppa, or BG’s when they came out.

  9. Yeah mate, random drops just for classes present at that point would do.

  10. Random loot drops are so ‘yesterday’ but they are an easy (lazy) method to distribute gear in dungeons. There has been alot of talk about different methods of gear distribution around the WAR campfire but I really believe that improving the PvE experience in this game is low (very low) on Mythic’s laundry list.

    Truthfully, I have had very little experience with WAR dungeons and I’m not sure I want to spend too much time focusing on them. I came to WAR for the RvR/PvP experience, to be a part of the fun but not to be relied upon so much that if I have to log off everyone’s fun is ruined cause I’m the main tank and they don’t feel like pugging my spot, ect, ect. In WAR, I log on, hop into a WB and start taking keeps or running SCs. No commitment (I have enough of those in my life) and plenty of fun. No dungeons, no drama, no sir.

  11. My real name is Nosmo King not Noismo King

  12. theerivs Says:

    Will the real Nosmo King please stand up? LOL!

  13. […] method of gear progression and advancement. Thanks unto thee for finally arriving and giving the unlucky souls among us (not myself, I’m a lucky mofo) a chance to get that last elusive piece they have […]

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