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I find women interesting creatures, but when you add in a hint of gamer to the mix, i just become out and out enthralled. So I thought I would do a special Girls only shout out, and sacrifice them to the Bloggod. For he is a very just god, women or men all must be added to the Blog throne.

One thing I noticed about Girl gamers in MMO’s is alot of Altitis, and they tend to play healers more often then not. I find that interesting.

Girlirl – is the type of blog, that really makes you think not about just the game, but the ideas behind the game. Such things as gender, and altitis. I really like her writing style, that’s why I keep going back again, and again.

Stylish Corpse – Not a true WAR only site, but alot of leanings that way. I dig her insights about things, she’s very humourous and a hint of sarcasm here and there makes for such a wonderful blog. Most importantly me and her agree on one thing is not how you die, but if you look good when dead.

Cry me a RvR – I can’t say enough good things about Miss Vindaloo. Her blog not only does me proud (she’s from my server). It is well written, and entertaining. Being that she plays a healer alot too I feel REAL sorry for her sometimes.  As an added bonus the blog is kinda named after one of my favorite songs…”Cry me a River”, well I’ll let you guess why I like that song so much.

Mommy, Can I play Warhammer – Is kind of a newcomer to the battlefield, but I wanted to mention her. I expect good things from her.


Honorable Mention –

Rainbow MMO – Not a Woman. but I wanted to give him some credit somewhere for taking a stand, and blogging from a homosexual point of view.  I give much credit to those men and women who are out, and in the gaming community. They take alot of grief, and sometimes I even get carried away sometimes with it as well. The great thing is it’s a well written blog as well, he even did battle with good ole Tobold. I find that amusing.

Gaming has long been the domain of the male, and these people are standing up for themeselves, and going against the grain. Sometimes these people take a lot of grief, because of what they are, and not how they play. So they have more to prove to the world, and these people are doing it.



15 Responses to “Blogs for the Blogroll – WCPI – The Women of WAR”

  1. Sarcasm, moi? 😉

    Thanks for the mention, and I’m off to check Miss Vindaloo, because the NAME ALONE is utter awesome and makes me homesick for the UK. Besides, female blogger and girl power and all. (Yes, I’m horribly, horribly sexist. Payback’s a bitch!)

    Makes me laugh though that whenever I play a healer, people say “Oh well yeah, you’re female, girls like to play healers.” What *may* be true about that godawful generalisation — I for instance have about 5 times as many DPS alts as I do healer alts — is that women mostly like to be in cooperative and/or supportive roles, and the representation of that in the Holy Trinity is usually the healer. It may or may not be cultural shaping. Ooo I feel a blog post coming on.

    I’m not snarking though, I know what you’re trying to say. Oddly enough though, the only reason I started with a healer in WAR was because the spousal unit and I often duo, and a duo with a healer in it usually can’t go wrong. And he SUCKS at playing healers. 😀

  2. […] context of tabletop RPGs, at least the “PUG-style” ones you’d get at conventions. Rivs said something similar today, and after I shredded him to bits in my comments (not really, I just like to sound more formidable […]

  3. Thanks for the shout-out. 🙂

  4. Damn, Ysharros wasn’t kidding…30 min later and a blog post is up!

  5. Thanks for the shout out!

  6. Personally, IDC who’s sitting behind the computer screen. As long as they play well or write well. Man, woman, child, alien, whatever. Just do what you do the best you can and it’s all good.

  7. Omelettez Says:

    Am I not woman enough for you, Rivs?! D= *bonks him on the head with her shield*

  8. arbitrary Says:

    Bah, I’m female too!

  9. arbitrary Says:

    Um, I should say for Book of Grudges, my other blog is far more random and not always about WAR. It’s and, for the record, Spinks is female too and my sister, so it’s always been a female run blog.

  10. theerivs Says:

    I didn’t leave out your blogs, nor did I forget about you. My apologies if I offended anyone.

    @ Arb – Well to be honest Book of Grudges is a very..very popular blog, at least in my mind it is. I like to give some love to the blogs that may need a little more traffic, the blogs that need some love.

    @ Omelettez – I gave your blog some love earlier in the month, so I thought to spread the love.

  11. Omelettez Says:

    It’s all good Rivs, I just like giving you crap =)

  12. Beat on the male! He asked for it!

    /crack whip


  13. Yes….Yes…Dear God Yes….I’ve been very naughty 🙂

  14. gweniver Says:

    Interesting, so that is why I like having alts when my husband does not? I never thought of it as a girl gamer characteristic. 🙂

    I have a WAR blog too, but it definately isn’t as good as the other blogs mentioned here. I basically found my nitch in the game and I’ve been writing my thoughts about it. It is

  15. Hey thanks for mentioning me and my little blog. 🙂

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