It’s quiet, a little too quiet.

In my readings over the interwebz, and just throughout my guild, and a little over the server I’m on itself. It seems like there is this quietness. It’s hard to explain. Like a Funeral Home, a quietness of mourning.

I wonder if we pinned too many hopes on Patch 1.2? I wonder if the Choppa/Slayer will breathe new life into the game?

Within my guild too many frustrations are building, people, long time good players are leaving.  Many issues are still with this game, like buggy PvE, and broken RvR system.

People are tossing ideas out like a 3rd faction. Theres also a lot of new content, and a RvR dungeon coming, but will that be enough to not only save WAR, but bring it back from the brink of failure.

I find myself hardpressed to get motivated for RvR, when my friends are leaving my the bushel. I find myself getting frustrated when they can’t even get a mob to path right in PvE.

I love the look of this game, I love ALOT about my class. Let’s face it though this is a social game, and when my friends leave it, it’s hard for me to stay optimisitic. Is this malaise affecting  just my guild? My server?  Am I wrong, and just frustrated? I dont know.

16 Responses to “It’s quiet, a little too quiet.”

  1. At least for me 1.2 was seriously huge dissapointment. I thought that finally we can start playing the game like it was ment to but mythic really dropped the ball with the patch. It seems that the game is more buggy now than ever. All I really wanted to see in 1.2 was all the major bugs fixed but no. Really brought me to the point that I was feeling sorry that I have subscribed for 3 monts. I really don’t know if I can keep going that far with this. I really really love the WH universe. I really really loved the game and still want to but can’t anymore 😦 I keep posting bugreports but all I get in response is “reset your UI” from GOA. It makes me feel like all the time I use writing them is wasted.
    I was waiting for the new European forums but GOA managed to mess up that completely. Now I’m not able login anymore even to my account management. I’m so badly dissapointed. I wanted this game to success but it seems more and more unlikely day after day. Too bad. It was very good consept.

    We just must hope now. I don’t want any more content to the game if the existing content is not fixed first. I’m still hoping… Maybe, jsut maybe.

  2. Having good friends leave is definitely tough to deal with. Excitement for a particular game always seems to leave as soon as friends leave. I’ve had to face this fact too, so I feel for ya.

  3. When I first started blogging for Warhammer, I read a comment by Paul Barnette about War Blogs and how they were meant to consolidate information about how the community feels about the game and that the Devs/ PRs and other Mythic folk would read said blogs to get a feel of the opinions of the masses. I read a lot of War Blogs as I have a really boring job ATM and I have noticed a rising trend of frustration, defeat and just overall disgust at how the game is developing.

    Add this to constant the failings of GOA to please their subscribers across the pond and economic hardships we’re all facing and I can’t really see much of a future here in Warhammer.

    To make matters worse they continue to smother us by layering new (broken) content on top of an already broken game in hopes to bring in/ back new subs (what about those that are still playing and are getting frustrated with bugs and bad loot systems) as well as attempting to expand their empire to China and Russia! WTF?

    Mythic needs a wake up call. They need to realize that they are NOT BLIZZARD!!! That WAR is a niche game and with a niche game you have to cater to your current subs before trying to bring in more. Their vanity and greed is destroying this game. -NK

  4. As the poster above me, I’ve been saying since day one that WAR is a niche game. It’s a PvP game, at it’s core. And while PvP centric players tend to be very vocal, they are a small percentage of the MMO gamer player base. WoW is the monster that it is because it isn’t a niche game, it has something for nearly every sort of gamer out there. WAR isn’t a WoW like game in it’s appeal, so they need to stop marketing it as such or pay more attention to things other than RvR to people who aren’t as hardcore about PvP interested in the game. One of those would bring outrage and subs, and the other would hopefully just bring subs.

    1.2 I think just … killed a lot of it. My ex-guild leaders left because of it. Balancing issues and nerfs out the arse, bugs, unbalanced servers all of it.

    RvR is plagued by poor balancing choices and frequent bugs/exploits (Heeeello there BW/Sorc AoE through the floors, how are are you?) And PvE is plagued more bugs and general lack luster. I sat and watched my boyfriend go through all three wings of Lost Vale over the past week and he came out of it feeling very much like “That’s it?”. He found it to be stale, a massive dungeon with no hitches, buggy quests and an over load of basic tank-and-spank fights.

    Why wasn’t I there? Because though I’ve been doing city dungeons for months and several of my group are at 5/5 or 4/5 thanks to crappy, backwards arse drop system I’m sitting pretty at 1/5 and effectively holding my team back.

    It is wearing thin, and if the few friends I have remaining in game quit I’d certainly feel like it too.

  5. Darn you enter button.

    Also, I’m feeling the quiet to when it comes to the blogsphere. I haven’t been posting much myself because I realize that a huge portion of anything I can think to write about would come across as negative, bitching or whining. The rest would be suggestion on how to improve, but none of my ideas are new. They’re things people have been saying for months now. So I just post when I can find something positive or constructive to say.

  6. Meh, I’ve been quiet because I’ve been playing and having fun. Gobs of fun. Patch 1.2 has been a blessing on my server, with zone domination we’ve been able to counter the massive zerg effect that a couple of destro guilds where pulling off. It’s been great to actually see the campaign progress in our favor.

    To the naysayers, I really don’t have much to say. I’m loving the game. I was loving the game when Witch Elves where demolishing me. I’m loving the game when Destro CCs me to death. And yes, I’m loving the game when my side does well. But you’ve got to take both the good and the bad. New patch means a lot of new content, with the potential for new bugs. I’ve seen more CTDs this last week than I did last month. But they’ll fix it. If there is one thing that Mythic has shown it’s that they will listen and fix things.

    To those who complain about bugs, welcome to software development. There is no bug free code, only code where the bugs haven’t been found yet. Hopefully you are sending in an error report when you run into a problem and not just whining about bugs on the blogs and forums.

    On the topic of nerfs and such, I’m used to playing a game that makes entire builds completely useless. So far, I’ve not seen that from Mythic. Stuff will always need balance tweaks. That’s just part of playing an MMO. But Mythic has done a good job so far of addressing things. I’m not saying that they are perfect or that they don’t make mistakes. But they do make steps consistently in the right direction.

    Moral of the story: it’s a game. If the things that you don’t like are bad enough for you to leave, then do so. I wish you well and hope that you find more enjoyment in whatever new game you decide to pursue. But I’d like to strongly encourage everyone to really give things a shot. This game has made tremendous strides in the six months since launch, all while releasing tons and tons of new content. Stuff happens, but I’ll take the game where the publisher is openly communicating and consistently pushing the envelope of what the game can do any day of the week.

  7. Not saying it’s a bad game, it isn’t. I love it. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t. I wouldn’t care so much if I didn’t love it. People quitting their blogs, guildies quitting, ain’t just me. Some sort of malaise, and I don’t really know where to turn to.

    I got Nkari tonight, maybe If I down her, then again if 2 pieces of choppa gear drop, I’m driving to Mythic to deliver my own surprise, a boot in their arse.

  8. gijeremy99 Says:

    Too sum up my currrent feelings..Tiers 1-3 I love, T4…not so much

    This for me is a problem, u?

  9. I wouldn’t know, I’m a recovoring altiholic. I just try to concentrate on one toon now.

  10. The AoE mess has driven me away from t4 for now. Im not planning on leaving though.

    WAR is still the best MMO available to play today.

  11. To Maladorn,

    I know what you mean when you talk about software development. I do accept bugs in games. They are inevitable. BUT what makes me pissed of with this particular application is the regressions. Same bugs that were fixed few months after launch came back with 1.2. That is unacceptable and makes you think that they might have really flawed development process. End if thay do… that means that there will be a very bumpy road ahead.
    You also are probably one of the lucky ones that get to interact with Mythic directly. We here at Europe hava this company called GOA… they literally answer to any bug reports with the same general mail “we are not able to help you further until you reset your UI”. They don’t even read the stuff. I still hope they forward all the reports to Mythic though. I have written at least hundred bug reports. I have never written that amount to any other game. If I’d encountered that amount of bugs in any other game I would have quit immediently. But I loved this game and still try to. I want to make it better. It just get really flustrating that the bugs you reported 6 months ago, again 3 month ago and in PTS still exist. Every time I log into my game I stil need to set my action bars to correct order as they keep reseting in logout. I know that it is only a small problem but still! I have done it every login in last 6 months as have I selected the minimaps zoom level.

    I’m sorry if I’m being too negative. Maybe I’m just flustrated.. I just hope mythic would do something to GOA. It would make at least part of my flustration go away. Would be nice for example to be able to log in to the forums…


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  13. Anyone who’s having fun with this game right now are those that are playing the flavour of the month classes. BWs, Engineers, etc. Since 1.2 across most servers, there has not been a successful altdorf push.

    At all. It’s been IC defenses for the most part. 1.2 also brought about Resistance nerfs which were sort of needed, but saw the complete reversal of all changes that were brought upon the BW, they can crit and crit hard on pretty much everything they throw at you which is not supposed to happen.

    Renown Ranks are absolutely useless, RvR is not fun when you have a mega zerg of one side or another and are locked down in a warcamp while they can cap a zone(s) with little to no effort.

    Destruction across the board got little to no changes in 1.2, Order got a major major buff which threw balance completely out of whack. This is a true statement and it’s being felt across most servers. It sucks, it’s driving people away and Mythic messed up, they messed up big.

    Also, I feel for you euro’s and your GOA situation, a terribad patch coupled with lack of customer care/service makes me surprised many of you even bother.

  14. I don’t have to many issues really with Warhammer at the moment. Some things like boring dungeons with game play issues and tier 4 performance, still bug me. But when I log on, I have plenty to do.

    The guild has just started up a warband night and hopefully we can put together enough people to offer and co-ordinated fight for larger groups of people. Which will keep us away from keeps and the issues related to that.

    I will always say, if a game isn’t hitting the spot, then pack it in. Don’t look for a game to deliver all that you are seeking though, you are more experienced consumers than you were a few years ago. As we get older we want more, and the simple games of yesterday that held up with fond memories, would be ripped to shreds in the current MMO climate.

    My final point? How much time were you playing, did you just get bored?

  15. In response to Ainilome: WoW is a niche game now. It just covers the largest niche group… Casual PvEers. It’s become a huge chat room with vanity pets. I know there are still some players who enjoy being challenged in WoW but I’m not sure what’s keeping them there; friends, nostalgia? I thought about going back to the game but after they announced the release of WoW Mountain Dew (no joke)… yeah I’ll stick with Warhammer for a while. Maybe, I’ll try out this Darkfall game, eventually. Perhaps, I’ll just take up underwater basket weaving. IDK. MMOs are becoming disposable like paper plates. -NK

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