A glimmer of hope

Well last night I felt the best, then I ever did while playing WAR. Me and my Lost Vale Team (Truthie, Nied, Influenza, Lemak, and Chobie). Downed N’kari. I think the battle tested us to our limits, and even though we wiped a couple times. We finally killed her.  These guys really know what their doing, I’m honored just to go into a dungeon with them. I want to say I’m proud of the guys I roll with. It took us some months to get there.  

Now lets farm the hell out of this place.

I would also want to thank Testta, and Shaemonu, without those guys we wouldn’t have done it either, they were there in the beginning.

 Even got my Darkpromise Chestpiece, the sad thing is the Stats aren’t really that good.

You know what like I said maybe there’s light at the end of the tunnel, but like I always say it could be a train coming.


4 Responses to “A glimmer of hope”

  1. Gratz and sorry all at once.

  2. yo catch me in game next time we’re both on, I have an extra dark promise belt for chosen if you need it!

  3. Grats rivs.

    Im now playing an engineer on Dark Crag and boy is open rvr a mess. Nothing like getting ganked by level 40’s in t2, but thats another story.

    These posts just seem to point out the real downfall of this game. In order to do anything you have to resort to pve dungeons that are a single group and on 5 day lockouts. My hopes of a realm wide rvr game seem to be fading. I think I may be hanging things up till they go with a 3 realm system. Mythic had it right in DAoC im not sure why they didnt do it here.

    Take Care,

  4. Congratulations mate 🙂

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