Are Chosen an AOE class now?

On the Warhammer Alliance there was a lovely post in the Chosen Forum by Dishonor

I’ll copy it here, because some people *cough me cough* can’t read WA at work, then give my thoughts on it.

The question of the day:

Why did Mythic give Chosen a spam’able AoE and nerf its single target DPS?

The answer is simple: Zone Domination

Anyone who has spent more than an hour out in the oRvR lakes since the release of 1.2 knows that the new Zone Domination system (which I have dubbed “zerg domination”) favours Zergs. If you outnumber the opposing faction by a significant ratio, then you can hold all the BOs and Keeps for 2 hours and flip the zone. Players were quick to catch on to this new mechanic, and as a consequence, oRvR lakes are now massive Zergfests.

The principle difference between this mechanic, and the old mechanic (victory points), is that an outnumbered faction can’t simply withdraw from the oRvR lakes and deny the enemy the ability to flip the zone. Through a combination of PvE, realm locking in the lower tiers, and 500 wins in scenarios, the outnumbered faction could block the other faction from flipping a zone indefinately. However, Zone Domination no longer allows the outnumbered faction to defend in this way. If you want to block the enemy, then you have to get out into the oRvR lakes.

But what can an outnumbered faction do against a Zerg? Doesn’t this gaurantee that the Zerg will always prevail?

The answer to the latter: No. The answer to the former also answers the question at the beginning of this blog., viz, re: Chosen AoE.

Since ZD rewards players for sitting in Zergs, players are motivated to do so. Hence, single target DPS, against a Zerg, is just plain pointless. A single target DPS Chosen, charging into the middle of a Zerg, might take out a healer before he or she dies (especially if the healer runs), but when you are outnumbered 3:1, or in some cases (on some servers) 5:1, the one healer you kill isn’t going to make a damn bit of difference.

The only way to break a zerg is combination of AoE, terrain, and surprise.

This might also explain to you why resists have been nerfed with diminishing returns, and why Chosen’s Rending Blade damage is magical. A handful of Sorcs, or BWs, can rip apart an enemy Zerg who have 40% or lower resists from a distance. Likewise, a handful of Chosen can now do the same in close quarters.

So the boost in AoEs is Mythics mechanic to counter-balance the invariable Zerg that is favoured through Zone Domination. Mythic may be rewarding you for sitting in a mindless Zerg, but they also provided a counter-balance to punish you as well.

This post is also directed at all the Chosen “haters” out there who are calling for a Nerf on Rending blade. I /lol when I see them, because its just not going to happen. The new reality is that if you’re stupid enough to put all your eggs in one basket, then you deserve what you’ve got coming to you when someone smashes all your eggs at once. The smarter players will realize that they need to spread out, in order to mitigate the AoE damage done to their groups.


Thanks Dishonor, what a great post.

My thoughts on this though it’s a new dynamic, the once beautiful thing of this Chosen class was we weren’t pigeon holed into one thing. Now if you aren’t Rending Blade spec, your useless it seems.

Though if your a melee class post 1.2 patch, you have to be a sad panda.


2 Responses to “Are Chosen an AOE class now?”

  1. All i know is I am rarely hit my melee directly anymore. Instead I see melee spinning away using their AoE attacks.

  2. Been reading a series of posts from a Chosen (I forget server) called VonMonstein where he is sharing his results on running with 1350+ toughness.

    Next to Rend Blade spec, he may have found the next magic “bullet” for Chosens.

    As you know, toughness helps mitigate both magic and melee damage. His claims are that his survivalability at 1150+ toughness is huge PLUS, with the right tactics (the one that triggers a heal and movement increase when he disrupts casters) allows him to HEAL himself when he gets trained or AOEd by BWs. Brilliant!!

    So, I am going to be looking for a Rending Blade with a 1150+ toughness build next! (Sorry I dont have the links for his posts but should be able to find them on the Herald and Warhammer alliance Chosen forums). Good food for thought.

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