Need for a 3rd Faction?

I have heard arguements for a 3rd faction, some other force to trump either Order, or Destro if either one gets too powerful. Speculation is abound with what race, or race’s it should be. Skaven (ratmen) lead the ratpack so to speak (pun intended)

Why didn’t Mythic start off with 3 factions in the first place? Were they afraid of claims from people saying Dark Ages of Camelot, or DAOC 2.0

I loved DAOC, one of my first MMO’s and I played it for year, to spite even Trials of Atlantis.  Even though I loved DAOC, I’m afraid that we are trying to recapture are lost youth so to speak, and not really seeing the bigger picture.  I’m not so quick to jump on this bandwagon yet.

I’m for fixing the problems we do have, before we intoduce new stuff, and content.


One Response to “Need for a 3rd Faction?”

  1. I think if the game released with 3 factions it would have worked out. But adding a new faction now… everyone would wanna play the new faction and there would be a imbalance. IDK. Maybe they could release 2 new new factions? Or maybe they should just spend time fixing what they already have, like you said.

    I’m also curious about your opinion of the Iron Rock server and whether or not you regret moving? There is quite a bit of activity in Tier 3. -NK

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