Cry me a River

So I was getting a whopping 2fps, I heard strange noises from my computer a few days ago. It went away, but now graphics are running horrible. I opened my computer, and the heat almost blew me away. Well I reckon that my Graphics Card Fan stopped working, and I think my Card is fried. I had a Galaxy 8600GT 256Mb DDR3. I switched to my onboard graphics card, I just wept. I have a slim case, and need a low profile graphics card, that doesn’t suck up juice.  Hopefully it’s still under warranty, if not anyone have any cheap suggestions? My budget only always for whiskey, women, and pie this month.


4 Responses to “Cry me a River”

  1. You can *try* to turn the card back on and point an external fan at it. I had to do that for a while while I was getting a new system . . . card fan died in the summer of all times. 😦

    For slim cards there’s bound to be reasonable cards from ATI or Nvidia. The cut down models should still have the power to push WAR (at least as well as your old card did) and should not run you too much cash.

    Check for benchmarks? Not all cards will be in there but some are. The 8600GT had a combined score of 108. If you go for an ATI 3870 you’re gonna not be out much and it’ll perform better (combined score of 316) . . . and for Nvidia maybe an 8800GTS, which will get you 310 combined marks.

    I wouldn’t go total and utter bargain basement. It’s not generally a good idea to buy yourself a cheap card unless you seriously just have to limp until you can spend on something big. Go low-mid and you’ll be able to last quite a bit longer. (Both those cards should do you for a year assuming you don’t need something to push a new FPS or something . . .)

  2. At least you can still play WoW.

  3. shadowwar Says:

    Pour a little whiskey on the ground in memory of the fallen GPU?

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