My hate is consuming me.

I don’t like posting negative things, but Mythic just keeps battering us down and then with my graphics card blow up it’s left me in a foul mood indeed.

I’m still under warranty, but waiting on the RMA request is taking time, time which I don’t have.

Order for the first time since I was playing Destro has made it to IC. Lets thank the OP of Bright Wizards for that. This makes me really upset since I can’t be there to defend my city.

I have to give up my beloved tanking spec so that I may compete in RvR when I do get back up and running. Run Rending Blade, with stacks upon stacks of toughness. I said goodbye to my regular PvE buddies, it isn’t fair to them. If I can’t properly tank then they need to find someone who can.

My  guild is falling apart, the apathy of Destruction side of Iron Rock is so thick you can cut it with a knife, the whole atmosphere is draining to say the least.

Part of me says to call it quits, part of me says to close my doors here.

I won’t though, my utter hatred for Order has me seething with rage. When my new graphics card is working again. I shall go on the hunt, and earn favor with the Raven God once more.


16 Responses to “My hate is consuming me.”

  1. If you find yourself looking for people to play with (in the event your guild does wind up falling apart) let me know. I lost a Chosen recently and need to replace him. You would surely fit the bill.

    Been playing my Shaman, Urp, lately. Hit me up in-game if you want to vent once you get your computer working properly again. 😉

  2. Honestly, city sieges are absolutely nothing to get excited about yet. They’ve got so much to improve in that area, it’s ridiculous.

  3. @Natali: Im not all too bothered about what the city cieges are like at the minute, its our city thats at stake here (and that I want to make life for order as miserable a possible :D)

    really though, stick with it. you may even find a love for RvR you never knew you had before.

  4. Um I’ve played destro side on Iron Rock. Perhaps the fact that it took this long, and an arguably overpowered class, to get to IC should tell you something. Buck up, the balance pendulum will swing back soon.

  5. Destroying Destro’s video graphic cards is a new Bright Wizard spell I think, just like spamming AoE to bog down your computer with lag. I’m also looking forward to meeting the mighty Rivs in combat but it’s gonna take a while to get my new Slayer to T4.

    Hopefully, for your sake you’ll get your graphics card long before I hit T4 (meaning I wouldn’t want you to suffer long without your computer running smoothly not that I’m some uber elite player and your gonna need a top on the line computer to best me… this isn’t sounding too good is it?) Love, peace and hair grease. -NK

  6. your mom Says:

    Oh please. Order gets into IC ONCE in 7 months, and you boo hoo bullshit? Destro was in Altdorf >>>>3 times a god damn day for a week<<<<

    Get over it. Order needed a god damn boost. Now they got it, and Destro is all like “ZOMG?! You took away our easy button! We’re butt hurt”

    You’re a fag. Grow a penis and backbone.

  7. […] are a LOT of posts out there about how people are pretty disgruntled right now. (Yes, that *was* four links in a single sentence . . .) Destruction crying about AOE and Warrior […]

  8. looks like life threw you a pile of shit. Sorry to hear man. I know what its like to log in and see your chat window full of angry during our week of Altdorf sieges. Things with destro should pan out over time. I hope your graphic card situation clears up and you can come back to play with us real soon!

    Oh, a few weeks ago I totally though I saw you in ORvR… but it was some zelot named Riviz (Rivits) or something. Oh well. I was all excited for nothing. haha Take care! (^-^)

  9. I feel your pain. My boyfriend’s power supply just crapped out and suffering the RMA blues here too since I have zero desire to play WAR without him. Take it a s a chance to do something else for a week or two and maybe come back to WAR with a fresh mind. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that? … maybe?

    I’ll tell you in two weeks.

  10. “You’re a fag. Grow a penis and backbone.”
    Wow – what a douchebag comment.

    I’m going to try to be a bit more civil and suggest that anyone who complains about OP, whether Destro or Order, needs to ask themselves if WAR is the game for them.

    If I have to base how much fun I’m having in WAR on how balanced the game is, then I know I’m doomed to fail – WAR will never be completely balanced*. All I can do is find some like-minded people online who I enjoy chatting with while I smash face and kick arse and enjoy WAR for what it is right now… not what it could be / should be / was.

    * note – I think most people I’ve spoke to online feel that the classes are more balanced now than they’ve ever been.

  11. Your Dad Says:

    Your mom has a point Riv. If you insist on calling yourself a man, you will have to grow a penis one day. lol

  12. @Your Mom Says and Your Dad Says

    Oh goodness me, did they close down the Mythic (BETA) forums? Are the trolls lost and wandering around on Rivs’ blog comments?

    And what is this easy button you speak of? Did it come with the Special Edition? Humm, I missed that, darn it all.

    One last question: Wouldn’t it make sense to grow a back bone before growing a penis? Or am I wrong? I’m not sure how much fun a penis would be without a back bone. Maybe thats just me. -NK

  13. […] I’m seeing a depressing trend, watching as various bloggers vent their frustrations and send a negatve vibe towards those reading them. Meanwhile, the pundits decide to kick dirt over the developers with […]

  14. @NK – I’d think a penis would be alot more fun WITHOUT a backbone… Admittedly I don’t have one of my own, however I’m thinking with how well I know my male friends if they had a penis and no backbone they might never leave the house. >.>

    @Yourmom – You’re a sexist and a homophobe, and you sound alot like Faltina or some other skilless member of that utterly useless Pellinor’s Chosen bunch of scrubs. I’m so sick of hearing Order crying about how MDPS disorients kept them out of IC pre-1.2. Did MDPS disorients keep your RDPS from getting close enough to the wall of a keep or fort to DPS the door?

    I don’t expect WAR to be completely 100% balanced, however, I DO expect it to be balanced *enough* that it doesn’t completely ruin my enjoyment of T4. When my Squig Herder (with his horned squig out for the extra 10% range!!!) can’t get close enough to a Fort door to DPS it, that is a problem… I don’t care what side you’re on.

  15. Ok, I don’t know too much about WAR outside of the blogs I do read covering the game but…. I do have a question.
    How many times has Destro get into the opposing factions area? Is it fairly equal, or is one faction consistently winning?

  16. @Gaming Diva – I can only speak about my server, before patch Destro use to be more dominating, then after patch 1.2 Order became the dominate force.

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