My Mom plays War

Turns out she’s ignorant, and stupid.  I left a nasty comment up, I don’t agree with it, or that kind of stuff. Some of the best players I played with were homosexual,  some didn’t have penises aka girls, and some I don’t really know if they had backbones, they could of been amorpheus blobs, for all I care.

I left it up, because I believe in freedom of speech. You come on my blog feel free to say what you want to say. I will let it stand, for if you come off spouting ignorance, and stupidity, people will see what you are.

There’s alot of negativity coming from alot of places. A lot of things I really could be upset about. I’m not really that upset. Sure it bums me out. The real reason I pissed is my graphics card took a dump, and I could chop up idiots like Mom.

I still like this game, even though my WAR is like a slideshow, I still logged on respeced to Rending Blade, with the rest in Discord for Quake. Gemmed up my stuff with Toughness, as much as I could afford, donned my 2hander sword, and dyed my stuff Chaos Black. 

When my graphics card gets here , there will be a new era upon us. Change is good, so sayeth the Raven God.  Time to show that Rivs changes accordingly. I’m coming for you Mom, and all you ignorant fucks. The Master of Change wants your soul!


16 Responses to “My Mom plays War”

  1. Now that’s the fighting spirit!

  2. Your mom should man up and say who they are. Destro’s easy button was the fact that order hid under rocks until Christmas came early. We can fight order all night long and kick their asses, no one can beat Mythic. If/when the WP bullshit gets nerfed I guarantee you will find order right back under their rocks. What a typical whining bullshit poster your mom is. Sorry for butting in here as I’m carebearing it up in the Shire but I couldn’t resist.

  3. Yarr! bring out the Warbeer!!

  4. I’m no idiot, Darling.
    I used the word not to insinuate that you’re a homosexual, but more as way of demeaning you that insinuates you’re a pathetic, whiny, mouth breather. Like *MOST* of your Destro ilk.

    I don’t call homosexual men fags. I call ANY man that has no balls, and cries like a little bitch when things don’t always go their way, a fag. Gay or straight.

    So, don’t be mad I insulted your gay friends. That wasn’t my intentions. It was to shed some light on what a pathetic, cry baby, vagina you and all the other Destro players are, that have rolled over Order for the last 4 months, depending almost exclusively on over powered Witch Elves, AE CCs, and dmg crits that were down right unfair. Still though, Order pressed on. For those of us that stuck through all that bullshit of Destro being able to sandbag any attempt Order could muster, be it through shear numbers or talent, they had an easy time, b/c classes were not balanced.

    Now, that’s gone, and all the talentless, button mashing, shit mouthed, idiots like yourself want to complain that BWs are op (which Sorcs are JUST as powerful, but Destro players… what’s the word? Suck) and it’s the only reason Order can do anything.

    It’s laughable, sweetheart. Now, be a good boy and rub mommy’s shoulders. It’s hard work butt raping you and your untalented friends all night.

  5. I’d have no problem getting hit for 1800 by a BW if he was concentrating on me (single target). The issue is completely broken ranged ground target damage that only requires camera LoS to place (maybe that’s intended, but who cares). RoF and PoS should not be hitting for 1000+ on well geared high renown rank players with an AOE (plus throw in a few procs and that 1000 becomes 1500 soon enough).

    Damage wise it SHOULD be something like this:
    PBAOE > DoT > Single Target Nuke > AoE (off a player) > GTAOE

    As risk to self decreases, so too should damage.

    Also you can say sorcs are just as powerful, but let’s be honest:
    #1 – bw’s can use fan the flames, increases gtaoe radius by 50%
    #2 – pit of shades has a clearly defined graphic making it easier to get away from, RoF is just fireballs randomly all over the screen, making it difficult to know where to go to avoid it.
    #3 – bright wizards have two skills that proc off RoF (Wildfire and Flames of Rhuin) versus sorcs who have Frozen Touch.

    So, when it comes to stacking GTAOE damage, BW’s have a significant edge.

    Also, there’s the issue of warrior priests and “cleansing power” — Calamity spec’d sorceress’ do almost entirely dot & debuff damage, which every time your WP group heals you, one of them goes away!

    I have no problem with order getting into the city. I don’t think any real player wants to steamroll the opposing realm over and over. But face the facts, with the game mechanics as they are right now, a lot of destruction T4 has thrown in the towel, rolled an alt, or whatever. We just don’t have the numbers we used to, because it isn’t fun to attack a keep defended by six people and have them wipe your warband+. That’s not balanced, not even close.

    Long story short, GTAOE spells need to be dealt with. Cleansing power needs to be changed (maybe work off single target spells only). Then you will probably see destruction back in force. Until then, enjoy your run on top! 🙂

  6. your mom Says:

    “Until then, enjoy your run on top!”

    We will. B/c being overpowered is appearently the ONLY way Destro can win. Destro lost all it’s loldisable and loldisrupt abitlites, so now you all are getting trampled.

    Also – Hahaha. RoF is hard to “see” that’s the advantage BWs have over PoS? BWhahahaha!! Awesome arguement, dude. You shouldn’t play a PvP game.

  7. theerivs Says:

    Mom – Actually he has 3 points to his argument, that are backed up by facts. The graphic thing is just one point, and happens to be true. If you are the example of what Order has to offer. I’m going to delete all my Order toons now.

    Say something intelligent like what abilities made Destro overpowered, what tactics. Ya know intelligent stuff. Come back with something intelligent, besides insults, and half ass comments, I’ll leave up your comments. Until then you sir have run amok on my blog long enough. I will delete your comments.

  8. AoE Stacking Disrorients and AoE Disables on melee characters are a big part of what made Destro overpowered.

    However, BW’s RoF (with tactics) needs to be addressed. Actually, RoF and PoS should be fundamentally altered, as they are fun fillers.

  9. fillers = killers

  10. Never mind that your mom’s rationalization of his use of hate speech is just pathetic (any man who is a “whiny mouthbreather” is a fag, gay or straight? okay…). Now your mom has decided that all Destro players are vaginas, evidently a grave insult.

    I’ll remind my vagina not to admit to its nature in the future, I’d hate for it to feel targeted by angry internet trolls.

  11. Dawnbreaker Says:

    Quote from Mom : ‘It’s laughable, sweetheart’…..

    Yeah….Only ponsies use the word sweetheart. You ‘must’ play Order lol.

    Please do us a favor friend and look us up on the battlefield. We will be more than happy to ‘exchange’ our views with you the Destruction way…hehe

  12. Dawnbreaker Says:

    PS. I would like to extend my apologies to all serious and mature Order players, which are unlike the poster above.

    Kudos for doing so well. This game would not be as good if the competition was not up to it, and so far it has been a pleasure fighting on the RvR fields with you, regardless of imbalances ours or yours.

  13. shadowwar Says:

    Shitheads like Mom push me to my DoK…

  14. Idiots like this one give the good Order folks a bad name.

    I find it amazing that 1.2 hits and suddenly Order simply materialized skill they didn’t have in 1.1 out of thin air, meanwhile suddenly Destro is “bad” because the damn BW’s keep us from getting within 120 feet of Fort doors.

  15. I find it absolutely ridiculous that people refer to their rote button mashing as “skill.” Those who claim to have it are generally people with more time on their hands to waste away their days in front of their computer screen acquiring imaginary fortunes and items. At most, the game is an enjoyable time sink, nothing more.

  16. Hey buddy, Totally disreguarding everything above. Not interested in the drama. I just thought you might want so see something that Mythic is working on now, and should be comming out soon!

    I think this is a great fix for the GTAoE hot spots. It’s exactly what has been happening on those ramps in the forts/keeps (and a prime reason for me getting my ass handed to me over and over). my 8k hp is gone in just a few seconds if I’m in the choke point.

    Anyway, I hope these guys don’t beat you down to bad!

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