A sign of things to come?

Back in the ancient days they would look for signs, and omens everywhere. A crow flew over a dead cow, that was probably a bad sign. Today I saw a dog wagging it’s tail while walking backwards, might of been a good sign. Seems like everyone that plays WAR is looking for signs, whether good or bad.

When I took up blogging for WAR there is a short list of people who inspired me, and one of them was Syp from Waaagh. Well he closed the doors on the blog a few days ago. I can’t say that I’m a little bit saddened by this.  A dedicated WAR blogger, has moved on sort of. Sure he’ll still blog about WAR a bit from his new blog Bio-Break .

It’s like when your favorite lead singer from a band leaves to pursue a solo career, sure the music will most likely be good, but just not the same. There’s nostalgia there, the songs you have associated with your memories won’t be the same knowing the band is no more.

I wish Syp the best of luck with his new blog, he will go on to bigger and better things. I just can’t help shake the feeling though that this is a bad sign.

I will have to check the goat entrails to be sure though.


4 Responses to “A sign of things to come?”

  1. […] Way of the Chosen (no, it’s not a bad sign, mate) […]

  2. The lay offs at Mythic, the loss of so many subscribers a month or two ago, bright wizard OPness… this is still the biggest blow to Warhammer. (NK mummbles something about Syp and Bigredkitty being the same person… wha?)

    Good luck at Bio Break, Syp.


  3. I’m not sure it’s all WAR’s fault in any case. The GameRiot move wasn’t, in hindsight, such a good one (at least I didn’t think so – I have no idea how well it worked for Syp). RL also has a way of yanking us back to reality after a few months. And finally, it seems all MMOs have a honeymoon phase now, and as we get more jaded that phase gets shorter; after that, it’s hard to froth on top-enthusiasm all the time. That doesn’t mean we hate the game, it just means we’re not hopping around in mad excitement anymore. 😉

    That said, EQ2 had an extremely rocky start too, and they’re relatively solid now (I think?); I’m sure there are plenty of other examples out there.

    I’m pretty hopeful WAR will do okay eventually — it’s a tough MMO world out there these days.

  4. […] The Way of the Chosen by River has been one of my favorite Warhammer Online blogs since its inception even though the Chosen isn’t nearly as awesome as the White Lion (classes, not blogs). Of course, yesterday Rivs renounced the Way of the Chosen for the Way of the Carebear. […]

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