I decided to close this blog as well.

Syp had me thinking, it’s time to close this blog as well, start a new chapter of my blogging.

My New Blog.

Thanks for all the good times, goodbye


9 Responses to “I decided to close this blog as well.”

  1. Your new blog is… well… different. I’d say its more like a new book, as I don’t see it as being a very good chapter. =) I care too, Riverbear.

  2. arbitrary Says:

    Awesome, does this mean Care Bears the MMO is a go?

  3. You had me going there for a seconf 🙂 Great stuff.

  4. nearly, untill I was what your new blog was, and the picture I just thought ‘No way, ITS A LIE!’

  5. Morteth Says:

    You had to have blacked out after making that page. Who found you twitching on the floor? Please tell me it was a drunk, naked, mean woman interested in only one thing!

  6. Castamere Says:

    I respect your decision and while I don’t support this new hug friendly direction you’re going with your blog I wish you all the best in your new ventures.

  7. You stay classy.

  8. shadowwar Says:


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