1.2.1 – What does it mean for a Chosen


  • Auras will no longer immediately dispel themselves and go into the temporary version.
  • Bane Shield: Fixed a bug that allowed this ability to turn off some auras.
  • Rending Blade: This ability’s tooltip now correctly states that the ability is undefendable. Additionally, this ability’s reuse has increased and the cost has been lowered.


Yeah Rending Blade got the nerf, though it depends on the Reuse time, cause if it’s outrageous that would suck. If it’s within reason, well I guess I could live with that.

Well here’s are long list of changes. But some other things are looking up. Warrior Priests Cleansing power was nerfed back a bit, and Bright Wizards Rain of Fire OPness reign is just about over.

I feel things will be leveled a little better after 1.2.1, sure Order will have to really more on skill now, instead of their 8 Bright Wizards Rain of Fire fests. 

I have a predicition, Order will be going back to their little Hidey Holes after 1.2.1


18 Responses to “1.2.1 – What does it mean for a Chosen”

  1. “Order will be going back to their little Hidey Holes after 1.2.1′

    “One man army of Order here. No hidey holes for me.”
    It’s sad that you would make that comment and sadder still that you are more than likely correct in saying it. Looks like I’m going to have to put more effort into getting my Slayer to T4. -NK

  2. Ha ha ha! We shall see, Chosen of Destruction, we shall see.

  3. 5 second cool down mate. Whilst its small, its enough to kill off the ability. Since 1.2 Great weapon chosen don’t have enough single target DPS, we’re all about hitting as many targets as possible, getting crippling strikes on them and using the range of Rending Blade to allow us to deal with runners.

    If you can’t get multiple Rending Blades out quickly and you can’t do bugger all single target damage and have sweet FA ways of stopping runners, it would suggest the end of great weapons and Dread specs. Again.

    Ahh well 😛

  4. The Destro disorient/disable train is not making a return, so I doubt Order will be going anywhere. Destro will have to rely more on skill than a ton of Pit of Shades.

    I just hope we will now see less Ballerinas err Chosen now 🙂

  5. I just hope we will now see less Ballerinas and more Chosen now 🙂 (ok, that makes more sense).

  6. 😀

    Prolly will Werit yeah. Like many Chosen I only switched to great weapons when 1.2 nerfed the crap out of Touch of Palsy, I was pondering on a return to full time sword and board prior to todays announcement. This just backs that up by making it the sensible thing to do.

    Tricky bit is deciding on what spec to go with post 1.2.1 😉 Decisons, decisions…

  7. It’s so funny to me seeing an Order player making reference to the “Destro disorient/disable train” cause that exactly how we always saw it too. IT was always “OMG Order is all disable/silence/root/death” Except for Your Mom I reallt do love hearing/seeing some of the Order side of things. This blog really does draw a bulk of mature players to post on it. It’s cause the Rivs is such a cool guy I’m sure 🙂

  8. Oh my god so many typos above in that. I’m really not stupid

  9. Morteth, please do tell how you saw it too?

    The only AoE disorient on the Order side was an Archmages T2 Morale. That was it. Engineers land mine tactic got enabled with 1.2.

    As for AoE disables, these were mostly on Destruction melee whereas Order had them more on casters.

  10. codpeace Says:

    Well, keep in mind, that as OP as the Rain of Fire, the Pit of Shades from the Sorc’s was just as much a pain in the ass for us. As for you, I am surprised it only took 1 day for you to wake up out of your Care Bear State to go back to being your normal self.
    As for the chosen patches, ah well. I am content to know that Chosen wear that huge, ornate armour to compensate for shortcomings elsewhere 🙂

  11. I dunno what it was mate, but us Destro were suffering with continual mass disable/disorient effects before 1.2. Not rare to hear whinging about it and everyone suffered from it.

    Dunno what was causing it, hard to tell in big scraps tbh.

  12. Heck yeah we were feeling it. Engineers can lock down a person for about 10+ seconds. One of those guys looked at me I was dead before I could move. That was the norm prior to 1.2 for destro, and my main reason at the time for pulling out ORvR until they rebalanced things. Knockbacks/knockdowns/disables were the name of the game between Engineers and bright wizards. My guild (and living room with two players here) was very, very often full of “Oh my god I hate CC” rants.

  13. 10+ seconds? I wish I knew how to do that 🙂 I think our longest Knockdown is 5 seconds (self destruct on the turret).

  14. BTW, thanks Riv for pointing out the update on WPs. Gave me a nice follow-up opportunity over at WARnPieces.

  15. Well, the “OMG I hate CC” was my rant all the time too and I am on order. Basically the game has too much of it no matter what side you are on. It didn’t help that I was playing a WP which has about as little CC as any of the careers. Luckily the survivability is there at least. It’s very funny though to see the complaints…they are the SAME no matter what side you are on (except with the Cleansing Power, I’ll admit that is over the top).

    Destro complaining about BW Rain of Fire, Order complaining about Sorc Pit of Shades. Essentially the same spell…same tactics. Oh, and rift! Lol…now there was a tactic over used by Destro in a slightly more useful tree than the engi equivalent. But regardless, whatever you are complaining about the other side having…remember they are saying the same thing about your side.

  16. Castamere Says:

    For your Rending Blade woes just make friends with a Wrecka specced Choppa. They get an ability that lowers the cooldown of the group’s abilities by 5 seconds for a set duration. Sure it’s only a limited window but you can then re-achieve Rending Blade spam at a lower AP cost!

  17. Hey Werit, was the KOTBS stun deal/Engineers. and the “You have been slinced” message over and over again. Big scrum lots going on etc. etc. I love blogs like this where it’s not a bunch of name calling and epeen waving. Does seem like CC is whacked on both sides but I dod remember that prior to 1.2, it might have even been 1.1 when we went into our first few scenarios everyone was like “WTF”, seems like it was both sides.

  18. […] Way of the Chosen – Focuses on, guess what?, changes to Chosen in 1.2.1 and sounds a bit mixed but thinks Destro may have their edge back. […]

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