Aprils Fools!!

Ok I hate to many things to be a Carebear. I hope you enjoyed my little joke. 

 I got home yesterday late, and my brother said, “Hey there is a package for you.”   Like Christmas I ravaged the box open, my new (well it was in a new box, and looked new, could of been refurbished)  graphic card. It was like the finding of the Holy Grail.  So slapped it in, and it’s running. Alas it was too late for me to video game, but rest assured this weekend. My Chosen will be back full force, and full of hatred. For Order has run amok enough.

This weekend I’m going straight PvP spec, carrying a huge 2 hander sword.


One Response to “Aprils Fools!!”

  1. Enjoy Rending Blade while you can mate, nerf bat is swinging 😛

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