Why I Can’t Be A Carebear

Well my April Fools joke, Way of the Carebear was a huge joke. I could never be one. Why? Cause I hate too much.

I think it all stems from my days of High School sports. I hated the other team with such furious anger, I would border on wild man on the football field.  Ever see the movie The Program, the character named Lattimer, with the crazy eyes. Yep that was me.

When I played DAOC, I was an Albion Cleric. I hated Hibbie Treehugger, and Midtards. I hated them so much I never could get into playing alts on those realms, sure I could respect them as enemies, off the field of combat I can be civil.  It was odd though a healer with alot of pent up anger.

So when WoW came about I tried another Healer, no I wanted to met out some killing blows, first I was a warrior. Not the killer I wanted. So I turned to the Mage Class. Ahh the days of the 3 minute mage. Arcane Power, Presence of Mind, Pyroblast Combo….dropping fools like crazy those were good days. I hated the enemy though. I was an Alliance Mage back then on a PvP server, and in my younger levels I remember getting ganked in STV, like every 10 minutes.  It built up the rage, so when I turned 60 Pre-BC, I would stand and rain death upon Tarren Mill, until someone would answer my call. They did, in force and I killed with a glee of a madman.   Now I play Horde as a Mage on a PvE server, but I am working towards hitting 80 to blast some foolish Alliance Dogs.  I dabbled as a Death Knight, kinda wish I could of stayed evil, it was nice killing all those peasants kinda made me tingly inside.

So here we are in WAR, and I’m a Chaotic Chosen, hell bent on destroying Order. Is it Roleplay? No not really. I’m just competitive, and when I PvP, I’ll probably get a heart attack. Thats why I try to avoid it sometimes as not to throw my monitor out the window after Bright Wizards ROF spam me to death.  I truly Hate Order, so much so my Order toons probably won’t see many levels. I feel dirty just playing them.  So when I say “Order will go back to their Hidey Holes”, or “Your Dwarven Scum”. I truly do mean it. 

Do I have issues? Sure do….Am I going to go postal, and climb a bell tower? As long as they have video games I don’t think so.  Will hate consume me? Probably will.   So when I see friendly duels, or I see everyone waving at each other, it makes me kind of sick to my stomach. These people are the enemies, they must be crushed. Does no one listen to Conan anymore. What’s best in life?

I want you to know though just because I hate you, doesn’t mean I can’t respect you.


8 Responses to “Why I Can’t Be A Carebear”

  1. I always saw you more as Billy Bob from Varsity Blues. lol

  2. I think you’ll make a fine klingon or Sith 🙂

  3. theerivs Says:

    Funny you mention that, it is both factions I am looking forward to in Star Trek MMO, and KOTOR MMO.

  4. Are you back playing yet?

  5. Unsunghero Says:

    I feal the same way toward you destruction dogs. I hate you all with the burning fury of sigmars might.

  6. Hating one side or the other in an MMORPG is like hating the white pieces in chess and insisting you’ll only play black, calling white players “Whiteards” or something.

    Or hating anyone who picks the little iron in Monopoly, insisting that real men play the dog — or nothing!

    I’ve got characters on both “sides”. I’m paying for a full game, not a half game, and it’s stupid to not play through all the content, IMO. I also know I’m not looking at my fellow players, I’m looking at their *game* *pieces*. The person behind that orc (or elf) is, most likely, a gaming geek just like me. He’s playing a game. I’m playing a game. We’re both in it to have fun. Hating the player because he’s on the other side of the board from you is not just stupid, it’s self-destructive. Without him, YOU have no game. You need HIM to have just as much fun as you, or he quits, and then you don’t have anyone to play against. I want the opposite side to enjoy the battle, so they’ll keep fighting — camping them at their warcamp ultimately ends with them doing PVE or scenarios and depriving me of having anything fun to do.

  7. theerivs Says:

    No I do hate those “Whiteards”, and I do only play black. Please don’t get me started on the Shoetards of Monopoly. LOL!

  8. I hate order. I want to build a throne from their bones!

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