Welcome Back Kotter

This weekend marked my triumphant return after the great Graphics Card debacle. I specced Rending Blade spec, and Discord till Quake, whipped out my Devaleth the Fleshrender, stacked as many toughness gems I could, and dyed my gear black to express my hate.

Let me tell you I had some real fun, sure keep taking was hard business, but in scenarios, and open field man I felt like a monster. Sure I was just spamming Rending Blade, and Quake.  I wasn’t the easiest guy to take down though, and in scenarios I was usually in the Top 5 of damage.

It was pure insanity, at one point I had 5 Order trying to take me down, and it took them forever, and I was just hitting them and hitting them laughing like a mad man, I took 2 of the with me.

I had some big fun this weekend, but Sunday night I’m back in the Purple, my hate subsided, Now I have to do my duty Tank up, and get my guildies and friends gear. Cause I really want to lead the charge when 1.2.1 comes out, and show Order we mean business once again.



One Response to “Welcome Back Kotter”

  1. Killin is the funnist thing eva. In game, of course. Next post though I’d like for you to talk about all them Slayers kickin’ yer butt. (And if it’s not true just make something up along those lines to make me feel better, would you?)

    In tier two still and my arch-nemesis remains the Chosen. That damage aura! I can’t win. Maaarrggg. Oh, well. Back to two shotting Sorcs. Gratz on the new graphics card.


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