Good to work with some proper villians again

I have some hope in WAR, even with all the crap going down on my server, there is Destro that were able to defeat Karl Franz. That there’s a token system coming. That Mythic is at least trying to build a better game.

Went into Bastion Stair last night, I was more PvP specced, but as an Offtank, I can pretty much handle stuff with it.  The problem was Bastion was bugged to hell last night. It was bugged ever since last patch. Now I don’t want to get into a tirade how Mythic could screw up a one car funeral….cause they could.

I just came to realize it’s not so much the game, as sometimes it’s the people you play with in a MMO.  There are some real good people playing WAR right now, and it’s saddens me that some people are leaving, but I believe those that stay will be tougher for it. That when the air clears, we are gonna be left with some pissed off Destro on our server.

For the first time in awhile, I was happy that I’m still around. For the first time since the last patch, I feel pretty confident that things are going to get better.


4 Responses to “Good to work with some proper villians again”

  1. I think there are definitely good things to come with this game, I’m excited about Land of the Dead mainly.

    I think your right that the best thing about the game is the people, I tend to find Warbands and open parties doing PQ’s to be warm and friendly. The only thing for me is I haven’t made any in game long term friendships outside of my RL friends playing it yet which is sad but I’m making a move to rectify this situation.

    I do think though, that the best thing about the game as it stands is the community of bloggers (and their readers :-)) that has come up from it and I enjoy reading the blogs as much as and sometimes more than playing the game at the moment

  2. I finally have my new computer up and operational, so I’ll be around on Urp.

    Going to be running Bile and Enclave either tonight or tomorrow… hint hint…

  3. Keep chasing the pink dragon hoping you can recapture the Daoc circa 2002 magic!

  4. shadowwar Says:

    Love that movie (noone else got this?).

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