My 2 Cents

There are several things coming up in WAR, that I have really put forward my thoughts about. Lets say I learned my lesson, and try not to get to hyped up about anything, until I see it implemented. People been asking me though how I feel about certain stuff though, and thought I would share.

The Token System – Is it complicated, Yes. Now it is, I think it will get simpler, or at least will get used to the complexity once we start going. I think it makes a nice addition, to the contribution system. It shouldn’t replace it. I feel maybe it should be expanded on to include certain PQ’s as well. Will it take work to get good gear, yes. Is it another grind, yes. I would rather see a system though that I get rewarded for my hard work. Coming from a person who took 50 keeps just for one chestpiece, and nothing else to show for it. I know how frustrating it is, and at least it’s working towards something. I feel in MMO’s you need goals, if you don’t have goals then you get lost.  I think other people did a better job of going in depth on this, like Regis at Wizards and Wenches

The 14 Hour Taking of Altdorf, and Karl Franz – Do I think 14 hours is ridiculous? No the taking of the city is endgame. Lets put in perspective when I use to do Blackwing Lair, back in the day of World of Warcraft. When first starting out my guild of took 40 people in there 3 days a week for roughly 3 to 5 hours at a time. So worst case it was about 15 hours to do one dungeon run, that we were kinda stuck for. Now within the 14 hours of the siege, you could of left, and came back. You weren’t trapped. This is the end game of end games I think 14 hours are reasonable. That though is a personal call I think, you might not think 14 hours is reasonable, I don’t want a siege though to take 2 hours.  Here’s the thing as well. This is the first successful one, once people get better, and better I bet it gets cutdown further like 10 hours, or so.  Heck by the time we were done with BWL we almost finished it in 5 hours.

Patch 1.2.1 – In general sure Chosen will get there Rending Blade nerfed, but it is a small sacrifice to be able to be a little more then a bullseye in ORvR. The AOE needs to simmer down. It was a pure joke for Melee classes in general for Destro AND Order.

Slayers and Choppas – I haven’t run too much with Choppas, or the Slayers I faced, haven’t really seen too much “Oooo” or “Ahhh” factor. The few Slayers I have faced, really I didn’t feel the pain….sorry Nosmo 😛

Land of the Dead –  I look forward to the RvR dungeon, and new content. I would really wish they would polish current content though. Get their PvE working…well.  Even though this isn’t a PvE game, if it’s in the game it should work well and without frustration.  I look forward though to killing Nagash.

My Wishlist – A 3rd Faction. I feel the back and forth of it all will get tedious. A 3rd Faction would mix things up a bit. Who the 3rd Faction will be, I let others decide, but I believe we need one.


9 Responses to “My 2 Cents”

  1. A third faction is something I actually posted about a while back. I really think there could be a mercenary faction that would poach off both Order and Empire.

    Still digging around for info on the Tokens before I make any real judgement. Everytime I jump on PTS it’s bone dry and devoid of life. I’d really like to have a guild to bugger around with the new UI.

    Oh, and I’m glad that sissy-man Empire fool in feathers and gold got locked up by his nemesi. Ain’t gonna see no Dwarf king dragged off in chains, he’d just as soon bite through them and die on the end of something pointy.

  2. Yup. I still cannot kill you damn Chosen. Your almost harder to take down then a DoK. Oh well, you can’t have everything. Wheres that pesky Sorc, anyway?

    Dwarf kings rock like small pebbles, BTW.

  3. *Large Pebbles too.

  4. Dude are you kidding me? Chosen is the most gimped class after this patch. For anyone who has a Chosen within the T4 spectrum knows that when he is compared to its counter-part on Order side they become aware that the difference is completely unfair. We have suffered a debilitating THREE NERFs in a row, this is absolutely ridiculous. I have had 4 of the Top Geared Chosen’s on my server (Dark Crag) quit in light of this nonsense. What will this do to the aspiring Chosen community? What will happen to all those people, in light of our recent nerfs, that have worked to 40 just to be weakened. This is truly unfair and unjust. We need a much better compromise than this Mythic, i beg you please do something more constructive with the Chosen. Its not too late.

  5. MMOPlayer Says:

    DisapointedChosen: In response to your comment about the top Chosen players leaving; It really makes me laugh when seeing people quit after some class nerfs, it really shows exactly why they play that class in the first place, to be overpowered.

    The true gamers and supporters of the game will stick it out and continue with their characters and learn new strategies.

    Same can be said about BW and Sorcs, alot will cry nerf and run to the next FoTM, while dedicated players will see that the nerfs were necessary and stick it out.

    Nerfs are there to make the game playable for the majority, not just for a few classes.

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  8. Mortimaer Says:

    @DisappointedChosen: Seriously, try to play more classes than Chosen. Maybe when you’ll try lvl 40 Blackguard, White Lion, Magus or Shadow Warrior, then you’ll see how great Chosen is. You just crying ’cause you’ll be able to spam Rending Blade only every 5 seconds not every GCD like now.

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