As the Rock once said, “Know your Role!”



Well alot of Chosen are upset at the Rending Blade nerf. Some of my Chosen buddies are going to be very angry with me, but I have to say I’m not as angry at this as I was at the Resistance Nerf, though I think that affected everyone. Someone said there were three nerfs, yet I am hard pressed to think of the third, stoopid whiskey. I think it’s the Wounds nerf which gives diminishing returns, yet again another nerf that affect everyone not just us. 

Do Chosen have a right to be mad?  I don’t think so. The AOE in general needs to be calmed down, and if BW’s and Sorcs are taking a hit then we should put something on the table as well.

I don’t think we were meant to be outstanding damage dealers in the first place. Want to melee dps reroll a pretty little Witch Elf, or a Choppa.  We are Tanks, we take damage. If anything give us back Wounds,  Resists, or something to up our survivablity.  Seriously Rending Blade, and other DPS focused talents can take a back seat in my humble opinions.

On the other hand, the thing that keeps me to WAR is  that Tanks are not put into a box so easily, like the Prot Warrior of WoW. Do I feel for my Chosen brothers, I do. Do I agree with the Ragequitting no, there are far more classes then us getting the shaft.

The question is that most of us Chosen, just don’t know where we fit in the WAR universe. Black Orcs are the uber-tanks. BlackGuards are the uber-AOE tanks. What’s our role? Do we just put on our aura and look pretty?


2 Responses to “As the Rock once said, “Know your Role!””

  1. Yeah, I’ve just gone back to my Chosen and I like it. I play as DPS but I am not mad about the nerf of our talents. I would like to keep my wounds and resistance. Just because they make the other classes hit less, doesn’t mean drop our resistance and wounds so we die just as fast as before.

  2. At first I was rather pissed with the change, but now I’ve mellowed and am just irritated by it.

    The problem with this change is not rending blade itself, it’s the fact that we don’t really have an alternative to kill enemy players. Our single target damage is really, really bad since 1.2, which was the main reason everyone leapt to Rending Blade specs.

    I dunno about you but I’m really missing Touch of Palsy doing more damage than throwing axes 😛

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