The Culling, and Blogs for the Blogroll – WCPI



Well one of the things I’m known for is my HUGE blogroll. Well today I went through and removed a couple which is always hard for me to do, because it does make me a little sad.

These blogs showed some promise, and their writers some of them were pretty dang good. Well I hope their writing something, somewhere.

If I mistakenly removed you, drop me a note. I would love to put you back onto the Blogroll. I have blogroll envy, and could always use a bigger one.





With every death comes new life though, there are some lovely new blogs on my blogroll. Like a guildie of mine’s site. Mojo’s.  You got some DOK love. Also a good looking website, that is all about the community you should check out is WAR Underground. Though they should get rid of the sissy elf, and put some mean ole Chosen in their banner..just an opinion. Also Check out their podcast at WAAAGH Roots.

I would also like to thank Lagwar, their dedication to the community is relentless. I love you guys, not in a Bright Wizard way of course…though there is nothing wrong with that.

Looks like there’s a brand new blog out there. I went to So far it looks awesome. I wish him the best of luck at the Toothskinner. (ok little joke here, he’s actually not new, but just posted on bloghammer introducing himself, had to give him some poop)


Last night I ran a PUG, first one in a long time, aggravated the heck out of me. Just a heads up,  If your the leader, and you need on a dye. Your going to peeve me off.


5 Responses to “The Culling, and Blogs for the Blogroll – WCPI”

  1. WAAAGH! Roots is a blog shared by Tyrhoor and Xerb (Webmaster of but does not host podcasts. Various podcasts are collected into one place at WARUnderground. (He’s also taking submissions from fans, advertisements, comedy skits, new podcasts and the like)

    WAAAGH! Roots is an opinion blog mixed with some lore related posts and will be tracking my mis-adventures into painting a Dwarf Army for table top.

    … not that you needed that level of detail in your thread, thanks for the blog-space.

  2. theerivs Says:

    My fault i did check out War Underground really liked what I saw, didn’t get a chance to check out Waagh roots, I must of read something wrong. I get mixed up sometimes, all the whiskey I drink.

    Thank you for the clarification.

  3. I just recently started writing a Warhammer blog. Just to think I wasted so much time posting on forums when blogging seems like so much more fun. I have written over 10+ blogs now, and I don’t think I have had any visitors. I guess its hard getting started. I have added a few to my blogroll of sites that I have found fun to read every day.

  4. Hey, I saw your post and I thought, “I’m not on the blogroll.” If you’re looking for more you can add Ninja-Gamers. I already have you on mine because I am a fellow Chosen.

  5. @Biotox – Fixed that for ya right up. I’ll take a deeper look at your blog later. Thanks for putting mine on yours.

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