1.2.1 – Feels like warm apple pie…

Well I didn’t get to much in depth with the patch. I do have to say the patching process for me is alot less painful then WoW patching day. So my hats off to Mythic for that.

I hopped right into some ORvR, and some Scenarios.  First observations and of course this is a Sword and Board Chosen talking, I know alot of other classes, even DPS specced Chosen things are not perfect. I do think were way better then we were though. It wasn’t such a RDPS fest, Bright Wizards just launching Rain of Fire on Destro like mad.  On my server Destro actually had a chance, more importantly from my discussions in Vent sounded like people were having fun again on Destro side.

I like some of the cosmetic changes to like the guild window, and the upgrades to keeps I can’t wait to delve more into that.

So far I’m really optimistic.


3 Responses to “1.2.1 – Feels like warm apple pie…”

  1. I had 3 hours of awesome RvR earlier, lots of skirmishing in Praag and some keep fights where for the first time ever I could run with full spell effects and still have a decent FPS.

    1.2.1 so far has been great. Combat response times seem drastically improved, which as today I’ve been using melee classes has been very refreshing. Rending Blade nerf is not so bad either, at least by first impressions.

    Look good so far.

  2. I didn’t get to play that much since I worked, but I like the patch on paper, and can’t wait to play all day today.

  3. My entire guild is happy with the patch. Our sorcerer’s aren’t that sad about it and our melee are in fits of pleasure.

    Personally as a magus the cast time fix is the best thing since sliced bread.

    We even saw Altdorf for the first time in an age. The citys still need work unfortunately as it was an exercise in either boredom or frustration.

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