The Chosen – a WCPI post

Though I mention these blogs before. Since I walk the Way of the Chosen. I wanted to do a special post for those who follow the same path. I follow these blogs like a religon.

These are my Chosen Brothers in Arms.

Bootae’s Bloody Blog – His insights, and opinions are very good. He PvE’s a bit too, and sometimes his frustrations mirror mine as well.

The Homunculus – What can I say…just go to a Fuck you Friday, and piss yourself laughing. I’m still waiting for my zealot shouldepads.

The Tank Wall – A very nice blog,  recently had an awesome post on how to correct ORvR.

These guys here are bringing honor to the Raven God, and change to the Order scum.


Not a Chosen site, nor a WAR site but since I’m plugging sites. I found this one interesting. Like there are some nuns bloggin in Illinois. Here I thought Nuns were like the Amish, and shunned stuff like this.

A couple of my fellow bloggers are on there, should check it out.


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