It is my fate.

Mark over at Spearhead blog, put up  an awesome write up about me, and my blog.  He’s a very talented writer. I do check in with his blog from time to time, and I’m simply blown away about how good his posts are, and the videos he got on there.

It’s funny he mentions predestiny, or fate if you will. I’m a big subscriber to such beliefs.  Maybe thats why I enjoy playing a Chosen. That there’s something about the Lore that speaks to me. In real life I do believe in Fate, and that each one of us has one. Whether good or bad, rarely can we escape our fate.

Why did I start this blog? Why am I a Chosen?  Simply put the Changer of Ways has deemed it so.

Thanks Mark.

Tomorrow I’ll be gathering my thoughts on the new Live event, and new expansion, and share them with you.


One Response to “It is my fate.”

  1. I never really got the people that believe in fate/predestiny… It would be seriously sad for me to know that I’m taking completely no part in how my life is going forward… it would seem that my decisions mean nothing 😦

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