Tomb of the Vulture Lord.

Ok I can’t really do any better job explaining the new expansion than Greg Moran over at TOK. Here’s Pt1, and Pt2.  Really fantastic job.

I really don’t get into Live Event’s all that much….well except the beer one. Hey I like to drink, Piss off ya wanker!

I am looking forward to the Tomb of the Vulture Lord.  My only point of reference is Darkness Falls of Dark Ages of Camelot days. It was a fun place, I would be in there for hours just farming, or doing raids. Then all of a sudden we would lose control and battle for our dear lives. Another time I would be log in, and be surrounded by enemies, and just pwned*. 

There was mention of traps, which I find odd I don’t think there is a disarming capability of any class. Will it be puzzle like.

Here are my hopes for this new dungeon:

1. These new traps will be entertaining at first, but I hope it doesn’t bog down the dungeon, or is something you got to do everytime you fricking do the dungeon.

2. Trash- Less trash is always good. I don’t mind a little. But most of it’s just stupid.

3. Better Itemization of Loot.

4. More Loot

5. Token System fully in place.

6. They include the RvR intelligently.

7 . Bring back the Rocots. I loved those guys on my weak Cleric. I use to farm them alot. LOL!



* Pwned- Funny story, the other day I told a friend of mine who is a little younger then me, but happens to be a mother of some teenagers. That she was Pwned. She goes learn to spell you douchebag. I go it’s kind of a real word, and spelled right,  that it is leetspeak for purely owned, or ownage.  She goes, “No it’s not”  I told her to ask her teenage daughter. She comes back, “I’m the uncool mom, ain’t I”

I go, “No, I’m just really that much more cooler.”


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