The State of Chosen

First of all I want to thank all who answered my little survey, and it seems alot of Chosen seem to be at the same feeling, of course it’s a real small sampling. I’ll give you my thoughts by answering my own questions.

1. Do you play a Chosen? If not go make one, then answer the rest of the questions.

Yes I played a Chosen from day 1, I don’t really have many alts. I have a few but I haven’t even passed level 10 with any of them.

2. What do you like about the Chosen Class?

I like the look, and the feel of one. By far the best tank I played in any MMO. Also the Auras are pretty cool mechanic.

3.  Pick one.

        A. We’re nerfed to hell

        B. Our class might need some tweaking here, and there but overall we’re ok. – I’m going with B, because I feel that as a class were not being nerfed to hell, nor are we ever overpowered.

        C. OMG! We’re so overpowered. I come out of the Warcamp shooting lazerz…pewpew

4. What role do you fullfill with your Chosen? Main Tank, PvP

    I’m a Sword and Board tank whether it’s LV, Bile, Blood, or Running a Ram on a keep door.  

5. What spec are you?

  I am dread to Crippling Strikes, and Discord to Embrace the Winds, the rest in Corrupt.

6. Where do you see this class going heading into the first major expansion.

I think we’ll see more the same. I really wish they would make Corruption more worth to take. Perhaps move Embrace the Winds to that line.

7. How was the leveling experience of your Chosen? Hard? Easy? Meh?

  Easy, I used the Sans method of leveling, just AoE everything.

8  In RvR, What is the hardest class you deal with?

Warrior Priests, just we sit there hit each other all day, but they wear me down eventually.

9. If given a chance to change your class and stay your level, Would you?


10. In the upcoming few months what do you think Way of Chosen should focus on RvR tips, PvE tips, Tactics, etc?

I’ll try to focus on what some people said they want.

11. Do you have any questions yourself you would like to ask me?

Ok I’ll try to answer the questions.

Chips, Cookies, I told you my spec, my gear is Mixture of Sentinel, Darkpromise, I use the Sword with the crit from the BS PQ, and the Shield from T4 Inf. Jewlery I still try to stack wounds, with some resists. 

My thoughts on this class is I think were in alot better shape then some classes, but I think we need some more work.

Probably the thing that upsets me is the Wounds cap, I feel it’s not good that some squishy classes can have almost the same amount of HP as us.


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