Thinking about throwing in the towel

So many blogs are closing their doors, but I am determined to muddle through. Last night though I think the straw landed that might of broke the camels back.

I’ve been trying to get a guild group together for Bile/Blood Run every Monday for the past four Mondays. To no avail, so I try one more time. I got healers, and tanks, but after spamming alliance, then trying to find in general I couldn’t find dps that wanted to go. DPS mind you, in the past I could pick up a rock and hit a dps. Tried for 30 minutes, to no avail.

I logged out in pure disgust last night, first time in a long while.


5 Responses to “Thinking about throwing in the towel”

  1. Putting together a PuG for Blood/Bile on the fly never seems to work out for me either (Phoenix Throne). I blame the ridiculous three-day lockout timers and peoples’ generally annoyance at running these dungeons forever and rarely getting a piece of gear they can use.

    The worst part is Blood. I mean crap, you can run that thing in 15 minutes with a decent group. A three-day lockout timer for a 15-minute dungeon that only gives you a max of three pieces of the 6 you need for a complete Sentinel set. B-R-U-T-A-L.

  2. Dude, if you were on Phoenix Throne, we would love to have you as a tank for those dungeons. Our tanks are currently on hiatus.

  3. Don’t jack in.

  4. shadowwar Says:

    I’m back to playing my DoK a considerable amount I think. I haven’t blogged about it yet, but I’ll probably be playing both him, and my SW as mains, logging into the SW really only for LV and other big pushes. So, if you need a melee speced healer ever, look up Ezekeil. If you ask really really nice, I may even be willing to spec Dark Rights for some dungeon runs 😉

  5. Diedens Says:

    Putting a BB/BE run up is tough but on the other hand it’s really easy.
    I myself am officer on KEP for guild called “the Council”. I organise BB/BE runs twice a week and have 2 or 3 full grps on every time we go. That’s 18 guildies going BB/BE at the same time. How I got it this far? I make em do it 😀 Well i had to do BB/BE 26 times before i got all the senti chosen pieces. Now I can tank it easy even if I don’t need the stuff anymore. I’ll keep doing em twice a week as maintank till everyone in guild is full senti. I even started the LV groups this week. And we also organise a BS run every week. So you think other guilds are hardcore and organised?? Ask em how many did 50 BB/BE runs for the benefit of their guild, ask em who stays in Altdorf with 2 grps against 2 WB of Black Company, ask em to give up their hard earned goldbag in Altdorf just to get the full set for another guildie, then you know who is hardcore.

    I Love the guild, I love the game, hate the fcking bugs and Dc. Fuck their low price servers let em buy new ones. I pay for em!!! Every month!!!

    If you look for me, look for “the council” members on the KEP rvr field, I’ll be standing in front of em to protect my guildies.



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