Well something positive

That Winds of Change stuff has been blown away..pun intended. Here’s the news… from WA.

Something I do like about Mythic they seem to listen more then any other game design company. Is it enough though to stem the tide of all these people I come to know and like leaving. I don’t know.


2 Responses to “Well something positive”

  1. I hope so. I do enjoy this game more than other MMO’s. The potential is definitely there, its just the realization to that potential that seems to be shaky. At this point they have to nail the Lands of the dead bang on, on the first shot, otherwise I think this game may be the next resident in the Lands of the Dead.

  2. Practically impossible for them to nail Lands of the Dead first shot. There will be bugs by the ton at the very least. Some bosses will be crazy hard too I imagine.

    As long as its playable, encourages people to smash faces and doesnt have a core design flaw like the forts and cities it should be OK.

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