What are we waiting for??

I’m a Rocky fan, and I remember when Mick said that, after Adrian said to Rocky, “Win…Win”

Thats how I feel, I’m not going to toss in the towel just yet. Alot of my friends are done with this game, alot of bloggers are too.

But good ole BootaeGarawarr  and at Overly Positive got me thinking. There is still ALOT I like about this game.  Sure it’s not perfect, sure it isn’t the game I envisioned.

Alot of people are gone from this game, but there’s alot of people still around. Though it saddens me that they are gone, I look at this as an opportunity to meet new people, to make new friends, to carve new adventures…..

I can just hear Mick in the background, “What are we waiting for?”


Just a quick few things,  WA interviewed Mark Davis a little while back about Land of the Dead, please check it out…here.

Over the weekend, I’m going to play around with my spec a bit, I run with crippling strikes tactic in the dread line usually, I think I’m going to give mixed defenses a try instead. See how that works out for me.

Take care all, I’m going to run up some library steps humming the Rocky theme….then go crush people in Nordenwatch…HELL YEAH my favorite scenario..evah. Thanks Mythic!


3 Responses to “What are we waiting for??”

  1. You should quit before you end up like Apollo Creed, flopping around on the canvas like a dieing fish.

  2. I’m with ya brotha! We’re still playing in our house, and still loving every second. Absolutely LOVING the Nordenwatch weekend. Playing it at higher levels is… fascinating and so hard!

  3. Good to here some people are still keeping with it, have you tried playing the rocky music while playing. it puts grinding on an entirely new level…

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