The straw that broke the camels back – I’m Done

Yes I’m sorry to say this is another WAR blogger quitting post.

Last night I log in, after waiting a huge amount of time waiting for server to come up, I try different toons in my stable. I just couldn’t do it anymore. I am done.

I don’t want to say it’s a bad game, because WAR is not a bad game. I just don’t think it’s right for me, or perhaps I’m just burned out, and need to take a step back for some time. It could be I have alot going on in my real life, and with summer coming. Will I be back, I can’t say.  

I cancelled my account, and will be closing the  doors to this blog.  

I want to thank Greg Moran first and foremost for making my awesome banner, he is a really good artist, and I will be following him and his work for a long time. I also want to thank Syp, Regis, Tobold, Snafzg, and Thulf for helping me out when I started.

I also want to thank all my fellow WAR bloggers out there, it’s a great community. I hope you check out some of the still active blogs on my blogroll.

I would like to thanks Warhammer Alliance thee best forum and info site out there for a game. You folks are ceaseless to your commitment to the game. Thank you.

Last but never least, I want to thank you the reader, for taking this ride with me for over 6 months we delved into the Way of the Chosen, and explored this game together.

Take care, and may the Raven God bless you.




19 Responses to “The straw that broke the camels back – I’m Done”

  1. Sucks that you are getting to the same point that soo many other are, but its understandable.

    I hope you find a game that better fits what you want. If you ever start blogging again, throw up a post on here to let us know where you went. Im sure some of us will follow. =)

    Take care!

  2. I am sorry to see you go. I’ve really enjoyed your blog and I know I will miss reading it in the future. Take care and good luck to you.

  3. WAR bloggers be droppin’ like flies! And I was certain most people would at least stick around until Land of the Dead. Seems quite a few people are just quitting now and waiting to see how Land of the Dead pans out before deciding whether or not to come back.

    Good luck in your future endeavours! 🙂

  4. Sorry to see you go Rivs.

  5. Deleting yet another blog from my favourites list. Saw this coming a mile off though.

  6. zizlak Says:

    Uoh..the WAR-blogosphere is crumbling :/

  7. I have to say I’m a bit gutted as I really enjoyed reading your blog, another one bites the dust. 😦

  8. scarbigrot Says:

    Good luck in the future. What game do you think you will play next, if any? There are a few games that are coming down the pipeline that look pretty good.


  9. theerivs Says:

    Star Trek Online I’m really looking at, and KOTOR is also something I’m keeping my eye on.

  10. Riv,
    It’s hard for me to admit I am going to miss a twisted-corrupted-Chosen, but I thoroughly enjoyed your blog. But now back to slaughtering your brethren on the front lines.

  11. […] So, I was stupid sad to see this. […]

  12. Sad to see you go too Rivs! Before I even rolled my Chosen, I found that I visited your blog a LOT.

    Plus, working on the banner was fun too!

    Good luck, Riv, in whatever venture you take!! Cheers man!

  13. codpeace Says:

    Sorry to see ya go man. You were the first person to ever post on my blog. Truly a bad day. Such is life I s’pose.

  14. Ahh man 😦

  15. All the best for the future. Which I seem to be writing a lot in comments atm.

  16. Doh! Much belated, but… doh! Let family visit for a lousy 10 days and I miss all the important posts!

    You know you don’t have to stop blogging, right? I like your stuff! Write more! 🙂

  17. Damn, your blog was cool 😦 Well, to be honest I will also leave Warhammer Online, because Mythic really dunno what to do to make War better. Game is ok for few months and later is just boring.
    Anyway take care mate

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