Unto the breach once more

The Lord of Change is the master of deception, and manipulation, sometimes the other Chaos Gods must feel his subtle touch, other times they must feel the tip of his sword. “ ~ Khalios, Master of the Winds.

So I come back to the world of the living, and I decided to do what I do best, and tank. In chat I hear a cry for a need of a tank. I answer their call. We hit Bloodwrought, and Bilerot. It’s time to show Khorne, and Nurgle who rules this city. There’s only one thing I need from these dungeons, My Sentinal Shoulders. I have run these dungeons more then I care to talk about. Still I lack the final piece

It was a rocky start at first, and hit some sore spots. But I think overall once we found are groove we got going. I really enjoy helping gear up people, and tanking for them, if they are competent. Gear we can get for you, skill if you lack it nothing I can do for you.  Though I fear Pugging, when you get a good pug it’s really awesome, when you get a bad one, it really really bad.

Personally I fell into a the groove pretty easy, I’m always afraid of those damn Bilerot dogs, but I think I got them down. The Bile Lord was real easy, well I tanked the hell out of him. 🙂

One of the things I like about WAR, and hate is that it is so casual friendly, these 2 dungeons with a pug took an hour and half. With a good group it takes 45 minutes practically. Not a huge commitment of time, but at what sacrifice. I think Immersion.

Well I had some fun last night and it was good to be back.  Oh and still no shoulders.


7 Responses to “Unto the breach once more”

  1. “Oh and still no shoulders”


    • There is no one more upset at this then me, sure they got the wards system, but ya know what I ran the place so much, I want the whole damn set.

  2. Rivs,

    With the number of ways you can achieve your extra armour sets, you will probably get them in no time at all.

    Go to your tome and look for the missing ward, that the shoulders relate to. On the facing page will be the ways in which the new piece can be obtatined.

    Good luck and nice to have you back.

    PS – You are still a goddam slacker 😉

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