The Art of the Tank

“Know your enemy you will win the battle, Know yourself you will win a thousand battles.”~ Sun Tsu, Art of War.

I know, I know WAR isn’t a PvE game, but you know what I enjoy it sometimes. I think in WAR Tanking is a lost art because of it. As DPS I realized that there’s just some bad tanks out there, and no worries some people aren’t cut out for it, and PvE is one of the easier ways to gear up a toon. I really enjoy helping others, (despite still not getting my shoulders), and what really keeps me going when I tank, is when a team meshes together. Things start to run smoothly, and sometimes I make a new friend or two.

So if you want to be a tank in any game, not just WAR. Here’s some traits you need to have or work on.

1. Patience- #1 here, and #1 trait. Your gonna die, things are going to mess, sometimes the healer is lagging, sometimes DPS is dyeing. You need to be patient, get back up, dust yourself off, and head unto the breach once more. Don’t get angry with your teammates, that’s what they are whether it’s just for that dungeon, or they’re in your guild. I like to take a deep breath when things go horribly wrong, and try to analyze went wrong, so we can fix it whether I messed up or someone else.

2. Communication – Speak to your teammates. Tell them. This is what I’m going to do, so you know. Never be afraid to talk things out, but remember there’s a fine line from being a boss, to being bossy. Which means being a leader is not the same as being a dictator. Know the difference, and what makes a good leader is taking feedback from others, and incorporating it into the strategy.

3. Know yourself – Your a Tank, Be hard to kill. Read up on stats, and specs that will give your healer the edge. In Bilerot I read that the Dogs that were so hard to kill put out Corp damage, I got some Corp resist potions, I use my Lost Vale Resist Jewelry. Now the dogs go down easy peazy. Tweak and work on things, just don’t accept the cookie cutter. Ask yourself can I make the Cookie Cutter better. Your going to have to be a leader sometimes, take charge. Never be afraid to take criticism. Fess up when you mess up. We’re all human, if you messed up, tell your teammates, “Ok this is what I did wrong, this is how I’m going to fix it.”

4. Know your enemy – Study encounters. Learn what to do, before you do it. Read strats, and tips on how to beat bosses, positioning of yourself, and others on your team. Learn what type of damage a boss does, are there ways to help this encounter, debuffs, buffs, anything. Learn every role not just tank, so you can step up and say, “Hey this is how we do this encounter”. But never be afraid to listen to alternitives. 


What about PvP?



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