Fortress Attack/Funny Moment.

Ok I went on a Fortress attack in Reikland yesterday. I got to say though I was really impressed with the better performance. I even forgot to turn off my effects from running Bilerot.  It looked smoother, and it wasn’t at all like a slide show.  Though the attack failed it gave me encouragement of the future.

So I did a couple scenarios, one of them had a bunch of 30 something Order. It was hilarious. 6 of them took about 3-4 minutes to kill me. While they were trying Destro got a healthy lead. Seriously 6 of them with NO heals, though I was twisting my heal chant, tough chant, and resist chant.

Finally they widdled me down, but by that time we practically won.  Ahh it felt good to be the Tank once more.


One Response to “Fortress Attack/Funny Moment.”

  1. Good to see you’ve seen the light and returned to evil 😉 MUhahaha, etc

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