I Saw Nerd Heaven

So I went to the mall the yesterday, now I haven’t been to the mall in such a long time…i’m talking years. Alas someone bought me something and it was the wrong size. So I go walking in, Lo and Behold there was a Games Workshop store. I almost knelt in reverence. I go walking in, and there were people playing WAR 40k, and Warhammer.  Now I never really played the tabletop version of the game. I love the lore, and read all the books I can on it. I also have played like every video game for it, yes even the crappy one.

So I was looking around, Yes the stuff is pretty pricey. To get started it will probably cost me 100 bucks, and I will have to learn to paint.

But man it looks cool, and these are my people at this store.


4 Responses to “I Saw Nerd Heaven”

  1. kneel in reverence, but be warned…. if you fall to the tapletop’s temptations, there will be no going back =]

  2. Nerdlove!! The opposite of nerd rage.

    Don’t think this gets you your man card back though.

  3. I hear ya. I picked up some books and read about it to get a better hand on the Lore and where the game came from, but it was tempting to get some sets. I just don’t have the space honestly.

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