What a Long Strange Trip it’s been

I can’t believe it’s been a year of WAR already. Where has the time gone.

I remember such moments as…..

– Starting out as a young Chosen. Doing my first PQ, hearing the wizards voices proclaim they are pulling something through the warp, and it turning out to be a Khorne Daemon.

– Getting my first helmet with the Red Glowy Eyes, making me look the part of the bad ass.

– When I got my first mount.

– The time I jumped through a portal in IC, and ended up in old Cotswold from DAOC.

– A whole bunch of fun moments with the guild, and adventures with comrades long gone.

I also remember all the bloggers that started this adventure of WAR with me, some who are long gone.  With all this remembering, and it being a special day. There’s one thing to always remember 9/11, how so many innocents lost their lives that day for opposing idealogies. The day America changed. Take some time to remember this stuff, but as much sadness as there is in Remembering, there is some good, because it gives us hope for the future as well. The promise to build upon the past, towards a better future. A better future for WAR, and for America.

May the Raven God Bless America.


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  1. Here here!

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