The Aion Exodus

Looks like WAR is taking a hit pretty hard from AION, at least it seems that way on the boards. I’ll have to see it pan out but already my own guild leader quit to go onto other pastures, not better.

Time will tell how this will play itself out in WAR, I’m thinking another server merger is going to happen.


One Response to “The Aion Exodus”

  1. I think you’ll see some pretty barren servers for a month, then some people will come back because they didn’t like something about Aion. But over the course of the next few months you’ll see who WAR’s core audience is. After then, it’ll stay steady on subs for quite a while. There’s still alot of unknowns with Aion overall, much like there was in WAR. So only time will tell how much it will truly impact WAR’s numbers. If the PvP has problems, maybe not so much. If it works and is fun, it could be very bad for WAR.

    side note: I think people that give two craps about WAR probably don’t troll the forums. You’re going to see more hate than anything hehe

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