Back in Black…ok Well Purple really

Then again I always been purple. Anyway. I went back to a 2 hander, dps spec last night. I really like it. I went up to Rending Blade is Despair ( I think it’s despair, my brain isn’t working on all cylinders this morning)  tree, and up to quake in Discord. Though I’m not gemmed for it. I’m kinda on the fence, do i go for Strength or Toughness. Offense or Defense. I think I’ll be trying Offense.  Tactics, are the two in the Despair tree, Crippling strikes, and offensive blows(?) , as well as Focused Offense, and Rugged.

Though in Scenarios last night I was usually the higher end of the Pack, I died a lot faster then usual. I did have some epic kills last night though, and some good old fashioned fun.

I think I’m gonna stick with this spec, and just kill stuff.

On a more personal note, it’s sad alot of people I used to play with don’t, and when I log in there’s only 4 or 5 people on in my guild, and I  really have no clue who they are.


6 Responses to “Back in Black…ok Well Purple really”

  1. Where are all the old PA people playing now days?

  2. Focussed Offense is a deathwish in scenarios, it’s not worth it. It’s ok in 1v1 duelling against certain classes, but other than that, I wouldn’t go near it.

    For general RvR I would recommend:

    Crippling Strikes, Opressing Blows, Rugged and Power of the Gods.
    Crippling Strikes, Opressing Blows, Rugged and Flawless Armour/Warped Flesh.

    Depends on how you manage your AP and how hard you’re going to get hit.

    Stats wise you should start by aiming for:

    Strength 800-900 (with aura on)
    Toughness 650+ (700 or more ideally)
    Hitpoints 9k+ (with liniment)

    Standard Dread/Discord spec all the way 😉

  3. Going to second what Bootae says, avoid FO at all costs, it’s just not worth it. Just make sure you twist your resist debuff and use Ravage as your primary method of damage delivery. Also, iirc, the bug where Knights/Chosen were turning off the others auras is still around. Whoever had more points in the offensive tree turned off the other guys. So, if you put enough points into you may be turning off auras if the bug is still there.

  4. *ahem* Clarification, the bug was turning off auras when Knights used All Out Assault or Chosen used, damnit, I can’t remember which. I want to say dreadful terror, but not 100% on that.

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