Rats like a sinking ship

People are jumping ship in my guild for Aion, and it’s kind of sad to me. The hopes and dreams that were WAR are quickly dissipating like a morning fog. The hopes pinned on WAR by all these people that were really hyped up for it. It’s a crying shame, I’m still here though. For how long though I don’t know. It’s pretty sad to play a PvP game if there isn’t anyone to PvP with or against.

It’s going to be a tough storm ahead for WAR. I hope we can weather it.


3 Responses to “Rats like a sinking ship”

  1. Chances are a lot of them will be back, especially if PvE isn’t their cup of tea…

  2. I don’t know from what I heard, NCsoft is no slouch with PvP. We’ll see.

  3. I feel Snafzg is correct … Aion shapes up to be a lot of PvE. If they survive the grind to Level 25 then they can get to where us WAR players are at from Rank 1.

    Don’t know how many of them will feel about the risk vs reward of PvPing in Aion. Unlike WAR, there’s potentially a lot to lose if you lose.

    The one plus I see in Aion is that there is one zone for all the fighting which will help funnel everyone there rather than it being spread across multiple zones.

    The game looks cool and I am a fan of the FF series … there’s something about the look of it and especially the sounds that annoys me.

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