Aion messes up

Ok I am no fan of Aion, I think everyone knows that. So when I heard they messed up their launch, with horrible queues and lag. I was pleased as punch.

Is that wrong of me? Well since I am an evil Chosen I don’t think so. I hope all those people get frustrated and come back to WAR. !!


5 Responses to “Aion messes up”

  1. Personally, I’ve experienced a flawless launch. No lag. No crashes. Queues… yes indeed. Sat in one for two hours last night. Then again, I’d rather they not screw themselves by pulling a Mythic and ending up with dead servers and merges three months later.

    Give it a week and the queues will settle. Once you get past them you’ll never have experienced such a smooth launch.

    The only real issue is overpopulation imho and having to compete with so many people for gathering and quest resources. That’s not a bad thing in the grand scheme of things. 😛

  2. Well, let me add to then! 😉

    I was there for the WoW launch, the WAR launch, the EQ2 launch and the LotRO launch and Aion has outdone them all. By far. It is the smoothest launch I have ever seen for an MMO. To top it off they have not only done it smoothly but they are going to come out of the other side with a stable game, balanced servers and balanced factions.

    In short, everything WAR should of had.

  3. Other than the queues shouldn’t it be smooth? The game’s been out in Asia for over a year. So I don’t think major kudos are warranted.

    I will try the game at some point but after this hubbub dies down.

  4. ditto on what snaffy said

    I’ve been in game probably 10 times longer than I’ve been in queue, and loving it. I know some people have had more issues, but those will be resolved soon enough.

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