I still hate Bright Wizards

Last night in scenarios, man I hate these mugs. They are like cockroaches, I kill one, there is two more spamming those damn AOE spells. 

So I see there is some action in Caledor last night. I go to defend our keep so to stop Order from taking the fortress. I look upon a sea of red, at least 40 order people. I look at our meager 3 people defending, and just go. “Oh crap”.

Steamrolled is not the term that applies here. Prison style gangraping is the term i’m looking for.

Back to some more scenarios, more Order rolling over Destro. I decided to log for the day, and walk away a little sore.

You know what sometimes you bite the bear, and sometime the bear bites you.


2 Responses to “I still hate Bright Wizards”

  1. Don’t hate us! Not all of us are AOE-abusing crit-monsters.

    I can’t count how many times a Chosen has been bearing down on me and as I drop a DOT or two on em they still keep coming and their health barely goes down.

    What’s that nasty knockdown you guys have that leave me on my back for 5- 10 seconds? Then when I get up and try to run you snare me. Game over.

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