The Ruinous Powers

blacklegionbadgeThe Ruinous Powers, the Gods of Chaos by whatever name you call them they are the opposition in Warhammer world. There are 4 main ones.

Khorne – Is the God of Murder, and Death, sometimes called the Blood God. He sits on a giant brass throne on top of a pile of skulls.  He shuns sorcery. His followers revel in death, and destruction. The kill for the pure sake of killing. A common saying of his followers is “Blood for the Blood God, Skulls for the Skull Throne!”

Slaanesh – The youngest of the Chaos Gods, He is the God of Pleasure. His follower revel in sensations, and new thrills. They prefer style over brutality. Their followers are usually very beautiful, and deadly.

Nurgle – Sometimes referred to as Grandfather Nurgle, is the God of Disease, and Plague. His followers are usually consumed with plagues, and disease. Their bodies are covered in boils, seeping wounds, and puss. They have grown immune to pain, and usually very hard to kill.

Tzentech– Sometimes called the Raven God, or Changer of Ways. He is the God of Change, Magic, and deceit. His followers usually use alot of magic, very manipulative, very planning. They may wait years for their plans to come to fruition. His followers usually show signs of mutation, a claw there, an extra eye here, which they consider a blessing of their god.


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