So it has begun….

Started my novel last night…I, Chosen got 1280 words, a little below par in terms of NANO. Hopefull will pick things up today or tomorrow.


3 Responses to “So it has begun….”

  1. Wooot! You go! Anything >0 words is a victory (at least I’m choosing to see it that way for me :D).

    • You got that right. This is is like a Marathon for me, and I feel just being a part of it I am already a winner, everything else just frosting…

      I feel like going to get a cupcake.

  2. Best of luck in this endeavor, maybe next year, I’ll jump into the fray with you guys.

    BTW, you need to remind me more often you write here from time to time. I keep forgeting, and I don’t use a reader, because I’m lazy and won’t set one up.

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