The more things change…

I log in, and I don’t know hardly anyone. Alot of the players I started WAR with are either long gone, or on alts I don’t even know.

So I did some scenarios. Dear lord I had some fun. PvP in WAR is just the best. I went toe to toe with a KoTBS my arch enemy, and rocked him. I ate some Bright Wizards and that’s always delicious.

Not all was one sided either, those BW’s decided to gang up on yours truly, and blew me out of the water.

Open PvP hasn’t changed at all, it’s still about the Zerg.Ā  I was thinking though of maybe starting an alt. Perhaps a Marauder, or a Choppa. I hear Tier 1 is awesome fun lately. Maybe even on a different server.


3 Responses to “The more things change…”

  1. shadowwar Says:

    Come to Gorefang, roll Order, and find fights everywhere you go!

    Seriosuly though, glad to see you’re back. Feel free to look me up on IR if you want, I’ll be on Ezekeil most likely. Hell, or if you do come to Gorefang, I’ll be on either Zayr, or Karstaedt.

  2. Yea, were gonna rock out the Chosen for a bit more, Had way too much fun in Scenarios last night, I’ll keep my eye open for Ezekeil

    If I rolled order, I would feel…dirty. šŸ˜›

  3. WB dude šŸ™‚

    Choppas are great class, fun to play, they look great and they have 3 perfectly viable mastery paths. They can be a little simplistic, though hitta spec gives you a bit more to think about.

    I’ve just started a Marauder, only level 10 so far, but I am really liking it. The different mutations add some nice variety and so far I’ve been playing it a bit like stance dancing for a WoW warrior.

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