Christmas Sacrifices Upon the Altar of Tzeentch

It seems that the taint of Cowardice is in the air, and while the Order scum beg to their false gods, and those animal Greenskins pray to whatever it is they pray to.  We the servants of Tzeentch take matters in our own hands.  We plot, and scheme. We take the souls required by our Lord to make our plans come to fruition, we do not wait upon the hand outs of our God like the weak southerlings.

Dear True God, Tzeentch 

1. Oh Mighty Tzeentch, We beg for more souls to crush in your name. We beg you for a 3rd Army so that those who have not felt your wrath may do so. Order has proven their weakness time, and time again, we require new souls to bend to your service.

2. Master of Change, We yearn to spread word to the Lands of the Dead more. We feel that the land is unused, and untouched by your corrupted hand.

3.Raven God, May the Renown Points come faster in the future. I have been hard at work gearing our soldiers in the dungeons and need to catch up. So that I may crush our enemies.

4. Oh God of the Raven Host, I beg that you bestow upon your Chosen your continued might so that we may crush your enemies. They already fear us, and beg their pitiful Gods to destroy us, and it feels glorious to be hated.

5. Oh Dark Lord, I will kill many this coming year, so you may bestow upon me greater gifts of armor, and weapons.  So that when they see me upon my dread steed our enemies will know fear!

All praise Tzeentch,

Rivs, One of The Chosen of the Raven God.


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