I can’t kill fast enough

So patch 1.3.3 is out. They nerfed Ravage on us boys. Wait an attack that gets buffed by stats, and proper use of talismans. OMG NO!!!  It was like shooting pool with a piece of yarn last night.  Since Ravage sucks now, I might switch back to uber tank spec, and just take the hits. I got to see what the tank flavor of the month is.

So after the smite cleric nerf…erm…*cough*  I meant the Chosen Ravage Nerf…, I decided to make me a killer.

I decided to make a Witch Elf after seeing this blog, Blog of the Witch.  Story of hunting down straggling Order really made me happy. I decided a new server was in order as well, so I chose Gorefang. A couple reasons this blogging WE is there, and Shadow plays Order there, and it would be awesome to meet him on the field of combat. Especially since he loves those damn KoTBS so much.

I did a few levels, and all I gotta say, DAMN! Things die fast, and I like it.


5 Responses to “I can’t kill fast enough”

  1. If I was a female warrior of some type, I would want to be wearing as little clothing as possible because the benefits of exposing the entirety of my flesh save for the nipples and crotch seems like a sound plan…..

  2. Actually they just fixed it to what the tooltip said. Also ravage is still amazing and the best spammable attack of any tank.

    • YEah I’ll never give up my chosen, heck I might just make one on Gorefang for shites and giggles.

    • It’s not a fix of the tooltip really, it’s a stat-contribution was adjusted at the strength multiplier. Previously, you were getting a 2x, it has been shifted to 1.5x (though I read testing that said it’s actually closer to 1.48). Sooo….yeah, there you go. It’s still a very strong attack. Considering it takes into affect weapon-DPS (1.5 times on a two-hander) and you can passively self-debuff it with an aura, AND it’s spammable. So good.

      Despite this, I’m seeing Chosen still crit a ravage for 1k on my SW when out solo. Wish Blazing Blade wasn’t so broken, we’d be comparable, almost.

  3. Oh and welcome to Gorefang, My Knight will gladly meet you on the battlefield whenever you want.

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