I’m just a girl

So as I started up my new Witch Elf, some things got me confused. The starting area is different. Not just the way it looks, but the quests, the tutorials, and no more blighted isle, I’m in Norsca….me a lonely Dark Elf in the middle of Norsca.

Some things I liked…

1. Better quest design, though some of them seem shorter.

2. Better layout of starting area. I had to go back and forth in the original starting area. Seems like that got rid of that.

3. Better placement of the Ancestral documents (Or what ever they were)- First time doing this quest took me forever

4. Tutorials, these are great for starting players.

5. Starting guilds, gets people social fast. I like the idea behind the Advice Channel, but see it devolving real quick.

Things I don’t like.

1. I don’t like the fact that some of the old starting areas will go unused. Such a shame.

2. The quests are a little too easy. Not really a bad thing for a new player, but I feel a little mad. Damn it new players should have to chew the same dirt.

3. How the hell do you turn off the advice channel?

Overall I like the revamp, I think it makes the starting region more fun for the player, and more people means more fun. One more question I have what the hell is HV, someone spamming they need people. Some sort of dungeon for lowbies?


5 Responses to “I’m just a girl”

  1. HV = Hunters Vale and it’s exactly what you thought. Lowbie dungeon, almost looks like a tier 1 Lost Vale. Was from the hunters thingy live event a couple of months back and they left it in for tier 1.

    You can turn the advice channel off the same way you filter other channels out. Rightclick on the channel tab and in there (don’t have it to hand) will be a list of channels you can turn on and off

  2. Hey! That’s an actual girl this time! /cheer
    Wait… or is this another of your dirty Chaos tricks!? Curses…

    I’ve got a guide for Hunter’s Vale… I don’t think you’ll need it though. There’s one tricky part and the rest is rather simple. I’ve also got a guide for getting nicely twinked in T1. Although if you’re fully subbed it won’t do you as much good. :p

  3. If you haven’t seen it yet, there IS a scroll for Dark Elves/Greenskins that will take them back to their homelands Tier 1 zones. But really, I wouldn’t. Just too much bloody fun in Norsca/Nordland with the eternal trial.

    • Yeah I noticed that scroll, but still how many people are going to use it. I feel sorry for the devs who worked so hard on those zones.

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